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Sucker Rods

Whether your application requires standard, high strength or ultra-high strength, Weatherford has it all. Offering a full range of API sucker rods in all grades, as well as high strength and ultra-high strength, each Weatherford sucker rod is manufactured from Special Quality (SBQ) bar stock with stringent quality control measures and careful handling.

Ordinary sucker rods tend to fail from fatigue originating at the surface under tension. Our uniquely engineered EL® Sucker Rod greatly reduces the chances of developing fatigue cracks due to pre-stress compression applied at the surface. This particular rod allows for a reduction in the size of surface equipment with no decrease in production rates.

By adding the Axelson® sucker rod products, our line now includes a quenched and tempered sucker rod. These rods offer greater fatigue resistance due to higher toughness and a finer grain structure. In addition, the quenched and tempered rods offer a higher yield-to-tensile ratio.

Continuous Strength
As the only OEM supplier of COROD® Continuous Sucker Rods, Weatherford offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of sucker rod technology. The unique design characteristics of the COROD offers distinct production enhancement and cost savings advantages to rod string applications. Unlike conventional sucker rods, continuous sucker rods require couplings only at the top and bottom of the rod string – regardless of well depth.

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