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API Normalized Sucker Rods

Weatherford offers a full line of API grade sucker rods. Each rod is manufactured from Special Quality (SBQ) bar stock plus the same stringent quality control measures and careful handling as our High-Strength Rods.

Weatherford API Sucker Rods are manufactured to API 11B specifications and are ISO 9001/API Q1 certified in one of the most modern facilities of its type within the industry. These rods feature fully rolled, cold-formed threads designed to provide a precise, smooth, reinforced thread structure not attainable by normal machine-cut threads. Metal is displaced rather than removed and the resultant cold working strengthens the thread root.

Weatherford rods are cleaned by shot blasting to remove any scale and oxidation; then liberally coated with rust inhibitors and carefully palletized in bundles for safe transport and handling.

Grade C Rods - for light to medium load applications in none-corrosive wells. AISI 1536 Carbon-Manganese Alloy Steel.

Grade K Rods - for light to medium load applications in corrosive wells. AISI 4623 Nickel-Molybdenum Alloy Steel.

Grade MD56 Rods - for medium to heavy loads in non-corrosive wells. AISI 1541 Carbon-Manganese Alloy Steel.

Grade D Rods - for heavy loads in non-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells. AISI 4142 Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel.

Grade KD63 Rods - (nominally API Grade D service) specifically for heavy loads in effectively inhibited corrosive wells. AISI 4720 Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel.

API Pony Rods - conform to appropriate API classifications, manufactured under strict quality standards, and from the same alloy steels as sucker rods.

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