Safety and Service Quality

Commitment to QHSSE Excellence

We begin each day committed to Service Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE) excellence, nothing less. Ensuring everyone returns home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day, that we deliver the highest level of service quality to our clients, and that we leave the environments in which we operate in unharmed or better than when we found them are of paramount importance to our Company. 

Guiding us on our journey to excellence is our QHSSE programs and our Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS).

First Class Safety 

The safety of our employees, clients, and stakeholders is of the utmost importance to us. It is the core value of our organization. That is why we continue to evolve, collaborating with our peers and clients to make a difference in the industry and pursue the highest standards of excellence in all of our business practices. 

We have first class safety programs such as Eight GEMS and HSE Excellence. Year over year, these programs help us make strides in our safety performance and create a measurable impact to our organization and the industry

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In 2016, we saw a 27 percent reduction in the total recordable incident rate (TRIR) per 200K operating hours

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Our Eight GEMS (Getting Everyone Managing Safety) program is designed to educate employees and empower them to intervene when they see unsafe acts. We are standing up for safety globally, taking an in depth look at each GEM. Together, we can achieve a workplace with zero incidents.

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In 2016, we saw a 30 percent reduction in the lost-time incident rate (LTIR) per 200K operating hours

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In 2016, we saw a 30 percent reduction in our preventable vehicle incident rate (PVIR) per 1M miles driven

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We are proud to say 2016 was our safety year yet. Setting clear safety targets helps ensure we continue to improve and keep our people out of harm’s way. Review our 2017 safety targets


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Guiding our journey to an incident-free workplace is our HSE Excellence program. We have engaged key leaders around the globe to create increased awareness regarding safety initiatives and the importance of behavior-based safety. As a result, we have significantly improved our proactive actions to reduce incidents.

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Weatherford Engineering Innovation Award

We recognize that hand and finger injuries are a prevalent concern for the industry. In 2015, we created and implemented a new Hand and Finger Injury Prevention Program to actively address the issue and keep our employees safe. We have seen a reduction in our hand and finger injuries since implementation. We are proud to have received the Hart’s E&P 2016 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation in recognition of this program’s success. 

All scenarios were performed under a controlled environment to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

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Differentiating Service Quality 

Our people are what drive us. 

At Weatherford, our goal is to become a recognized leader in the oilfield services sector. We intimately understand the importance to deliver consistent quality products and services to our clients. In attaining this, we rely on the talent of our people and fortify their professionalism by providing them with best-in-class tools and processes . 

  • We invest, every day, in the learning and development of our employees to increase competency, safety practices, and service quality throughout our organization. Our OEPS and the standards we have in place empower our employees to deliver on their commitments to our Company, their co-workers, and our clients. 

  • Service quality at Weatherford does not mean one solution for all. Our OEPS system is like no other in the industry enabling our employees to create tailored solutions for our clients. 


Weatherford is committed to achieving the highest performance in Operational Excellence.

Download the Operational Excellence & Performance Policy.

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Enhancing the Environment

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We understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the environments in which we operate and live. Our Four Tenets program encourages employees to take an active role through better management of our waste, water, land, and energy resources ranging from raising awareness to the simple actions we can take each day to make a difference, to more robust technical solutions such as converting our frac fleets to be dual-fuel engines. The Four Tenets are our guiding principles. These environmentally conscious standards enable us to make the right choices and are directly related to the sustainability of our organization. Although we operate in some of the most challenging environments in the world, we know that we have the ability and the duty to act responsibly.

Every day brings an opportunity to showcase our commitment to QHSSE excellence, and every day we strive to meet and exceed those expectations.