On-the-Job Innovation

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We are continually looking for innovative ways to help our clients operate more efficiently and reduce their resource usage.


Our MicroSeal® Isolation system prevents gas leaks to the surface.

This simple, slip on technology stops microannular leaks downhole to keep gas from getting into reservoirs as well as the air we breathe. By delivering total annular isolation, it ensures long term- production while helping to avoid
costly remedial cementing.

MicroSeal Isolation system 1
MicroSeal Isolation system
MicroSeal Isolation system 2


Weatherford has formed an alliance with Omni Water Solutions, a provider of highly automated mobile treatment systems to enable water re-use in drilling and stimulation activity.

Through this partnership, operators are able to minimize the use and cost of freshwater resources, while reducing the complexities of local wastewater disposal and onsite wastewater trucking.

Omni Water Solutions


Our MotorWise® AC Power Synchronizer is another example of innovation in sustainability.

It uses simple integrated technology to reduce a motor’s electrical consumption, providing an average 20 to 25% savings on energy costs. The MotorWise system also helps clients get more life from their motor by reducing waste in the form of heat.

20-25% Savings on Energy Costs


The EnviroLift® system eliminates leaks and avoids environmental issues.

Smaller and safer, it eliminates leaks common to rod pumping systems because it features no stuffing box, polished rod clamp or polished rod. Compared to similar pumping units, the EnviroLift uses a fraction of the space and uses environmentally friendly vegetable oil for its moving parts.


Securing well integrity and safety of the crew, equipment and the environment.

Though wells are constructed from thousands of components, a single failure – or the smallest leak in your casing and cement - can lead to major safety and production problems.

Our SecureViewSM suite of technologies manages the diagnosis and repair, if needed, to ensure environmental control and safety compliance.

The SecureView SuiteThe SecureView Suite