Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2017


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Houston, Texas | NRG Park – Booth 1839 (between Hall C and D)

Delivering the Difference

Whether you need to optimize well construction, build well integrity, or unleash production potential, Weatherford delivers the people and technologies that can make a difference. We invite you to be our guest at OTC 2017 and visit us in Booth 1839. Please choose a complimentary one-day or multi-day pass and preview our offerings below.


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Featured Technologies

OTC 2017 Drilling HeatWaveSM Extreme LWD Services

Drilling: HeatWaveSM Extreme LWD Services 

Acquire logging-while-drilling (LWD) data in extreme environments without temperature mitigation. Jointly designed by Weatherford and a major E&P company, the HeatWave Extreme service provides gamma ray, resistivity, neutron porosity, and density data in HPHT wells with temperatures up to 392°F (200°C) and pressures up to 30,000 psi (206.8 MPa).

OTC 2017 Drilling RipTide RFID Drilling Reamer with Advanced Cutting Technology

Drilling: RipTide® RFID Drilling Reamer with Advanced Cutting Technology

Drill and enlarge with cutters that withstand premature dulling. Using a three-tiered approach, we improved the overall performance of our RipTide RFID drilling reamer by optimizing the cutter design. This approach includes dull-grading analysis, cutter modeling, and the use of new, high-impact polycrystalline-diamond-compact cutters.

OTC 2017 Closed-Loop Drilling and Tubular Running Well Integrity Offering

Closed-Loop Drilling and Tubular Running: Well Integrity Offering

Build better wells with smarter rigs. Our well integrity offering—including services for managed pressure drilling and tubular running—equips the rig to contain and control downhole hazards and to run and install dependable tubular connections. Together, these services help you to create a structurally sound foundation and reduce your total cost of ownership for the life of the well.

OTC 2017 Liner Systems SwageHammer™ Integrated Liner-Hanger System

Liner Systems: SwageHammer™ Integrated Liner-Hanger System

Reduce uncertainty and risk during liner installation and throughout the life of the well. Our rugged SwageHammer liner-hanger system manages risks in HPHT, deepwater, and high-angle wells. In a single, unibody platform, the system delivers the benefits of both conventional and expandable liner-hanger technologies.

OTC 2017 Cementing VariForm® Centralizers

Cementing: VariForm® Centralizers

Achieve optimal standoff and centralization for lifelong well integrity. With a single-piece and fully customizable design, our VariForm centralizers offer exact casing centralization in onshore or deepwater standard-gauge holes, underreamed holes, horizontal sections, and close-tolerance sections.  The bows can collapse for a nearly flat run-in, and then, upon landing, they restore to full OD for superior standoff with no sacrifice to performance properties.

OTC 2017 Cementing SwageSet V0 POST Packoff Stage Tool

Cementing: SwageSet V0 POST Packoff Stage Tool

Set the stage for reliable, gas-tight wellbore integrity. Our SwageSet packoff stage tool (POST) family addresses the heavy mud weights and lost circulation associated with high-pressure gas and oil wells. The tools integrate a hydraulic-set version of the V0-rated SwageSet liner-top packer with the mechanical-stage cementing tool from the Model 786PD POST.

OTC 2017 Completions AutoFrac RFID-Enabled Stimulation System

Completions: AutoFrac® RFID-Enabled Stimulation System

Spotlight on New Technology Winner 2017

Achieve efficient, reliable stimulation in challenging wells. With RFID activation, our AutoFrac system stimulates openhole sections of extended-reach offshore wells where traditional technologies often fail. The system enables remote operation of lower completion tools and provides several options for tool communication that do not rely on control lines or mechanical actuation.


OTC 2017 Completions TerraForm® Openhole Packer System

Completions: TerraForm® Openhole Packer System

Achieve cased-hole functionality in openhole wells. Our TerraForm® packer significantly reduces completion costs in your most critical wells, including those with multizone gravel-pack completions. The packers use proprietary cup-seal isolation technology to provide a seal that actively molds to the changing geometry of your wellbore.

OTC 2017 Completions WFX0 Gravel Pack System

Completions: WFX0 Gravel Pack System

Perform single-trip, multizone gravel packing with the first fully integrated, V0-rated gravel-pack system. Our WFX0 system incorporates an ISO/V0-rated WFX0 packer, WFX0 quick connect, and WFX0 gravel-pack sliding sleeve. Run with the TerraForm packer, shunt-tube screens, and the OptiBarrier™ ball valve, the system enables single-trip, multizone gravel packing, which can save 2 to 3 days of rig time valued at millions of dollars.


OTC 2017 Software ForeSite Production Optimization Platform

Software: ForeSite™ Production Optimization Platform

Activate fieldwide intelligence to maximize production. Our ForeSite platform harnesses data from every corner of your asset to help you to improve the performance of your reservoir, wells, and surface facilities. This single platform integrates physics-based models and advanced data analytics to increase equipment uptime and ultimately extend the life of your asset.

OTC 2017 Solid Expandable Systems Coiled-Tubing Conveyed MetalSkin Cased-Hole Liner

Solid Expandable Systems: Coiled-Tubing Conveyed MetalSkin® Cased-Hole Liner

Restore wellbore integrity with rigless solutions. Our wellbore integrity restoration service—featuring the industry-leading MetalSkin cased-hole liner—offers single-source capabilities to find, prepare, fix, and complete your well when casing integrity issues arise. The permanent MetalSkin solution can be conveyed via coiled tubing to areas where a workover rig is not feasible.

OTC 2017 Well Intervention CLEARMAX™ Mechanical Inflow Test Packer

Well Intervention: CLEARMAX™ Mechanical Inflow Test Packer

Eliminate the need for multiple trips during cleanup and inflow testing. Our CLEARMAX mechanical inflow test (MIT) packer is part of a complete portfolio of wellbore cleaning solutions that remove wellbore debris, which accounts for 70 percent of the nonproductive time during completions. With a unique design, the MIT packer enables you to re-set and lock it as many times as needed to perform multiple operations in a single trip.

OTC 2017 Well Abandonment Endura® Dual-String Section Mill

Well Abandonment: Endura® Dual-String Section Mill

Set a rock-to-rock barrier and know that it's done right. Our Endura dual-string section mill creates your preferred abandonment environment—a stable, permanent, and verifiable barrier—and halves the P&A rig time average. The barrier seals across the borehole by milling both inner and outer strings and mimics natural bedding.



Technical Schedule



Our President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director will be the keynote speaker at this luncheon, which will focus on the lessons learned from the recent downturn and the path forward in the future energy economy.

Secular Forces in Motion: Shaping the Industry to Come
12:15 to 13:45

Session Chairpersons:
Thomas Gee, Weatherford

Session Moderators:
Karen David-Green, Vice President, Investor Relations, Marketing and Communications, Weatherford

Mark McCollum, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Weatherford

Sponsored By:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Exploration Geophysicists



Active Arena: Jointly Leading Towards the Industry Upturn
09:30 to 12:00 | Room 306

Session Moderators:
Gregory Carter, President, Nautilus Offshore; Han Tiebout, Director Product Development, GustoMSC BV

David Payne, Vice President, Drilling and Completions, Chevron Corporation
David Chenier, Chief Procurement Officer, ConocoPhillips
Mazuin Ismail, Senior Vice President, Project Delivery and Technology, Petronas
Robin Macmillan, Senior Vice President, National Oilwell Varco
Jose Gutierrez, Director Technology Innovation, Transocean Inc.
Lance Marklinger, President, Global Sales, Weatherford

Sponsored By:
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers


Will Mexico Drive a Deepwater Renaissance?
09:30 to 12:00 | Room 306

Session Moderators:
Robert Ziegler, Weatherford

Elizabeth Schwarze, General Manager for Exploration, Africa and Latin America, Chevron
Enrique Hidalgo, President, Mexico, ExxonMobil
Gabriel Gomez, Mexico Country Manager, Murphy Oil Corporation
Helge Haldorsen, General Director, Statoil Mexico
Timothy Callahan, Director General, Mexico, BHP Billiton

Sponsored By:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers



Advancing Drilling Riser and Wellhead Integrity by Analysis, Design, and Monitoring
09:30 – 12:00 | Room 604

Session Chairpersons:
Puneet Agarwal, Associate II, Stress Engineering Services Inc.; Daniel Spikula, BP America Inc.

Sponsored By:
American Society of Civil Engineers


Paper #


10:36 – 10:58


Drilling Riser Integrity Assurance for Deepwater Floating Drilling
R.F. Ziegler, Weatherford; D. Neidhardt, IntrGate LLC; J. Lancaster, Seadrill

Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
09:30 – 12:00 | Room 606

Session Chairpersons:
Alex Martinez, D&P Coordinator, Exxon Mobil Corporation; Brian Brookshire, VP, NCS Subsea

Sponsored By:
Society of Exploration Geophysicists


Paper #


11:20 – 11:42


Diagnosing Production Problems in Highly Deviated Wells Using Oil and Gas Geochemical Fingerprinting
M.A. McCaffrey, C.D. Laughrey, D.K. Baskin, Weatherford; A. Al-Khamiss, Kuwait Oil Company; M.D. Jensen, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.; W.M. Rodgers, Occidental Petroleum Corp.


Intervention, Abandonment, and Decommissioning
14:00 – 16:30 | Room 604

Session Chairpersons:
Thomas Gee, Weatherford; Han Tiebout, GustoMSC BV

Sponsored By:
American Association of Petroleum Geologists, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Marine Technology Society, Society of Petroleum Engineers


Paper #


14:22 – 14:44


Life of Field Cost Reduction Strategy: The Deployment of Facilitating Intervention Technologies for Well Construction and Deconstruction
S.A. Canny, G. Foubister, Weatherford

15:50 – 16:12


Batch Completion Operations Cost Reduction in a Segregated Drilling Campaign: Surface Equipment Requirements
S.A. Canny, Weatherford

RFID and Wireless Technology
14:00 – 16:30 | Room 312

Session Chairpersons:
Flavio Guimaraes, Radix; Flora Yiu, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Sponsored By:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute, Society of Petroleum Engineers


Paper #


14:00 – 14:22


Selection and Implementation of RFID Drilling and Completion Technology in Challenging, Deepwater Environments
E. Valverde, E. Murdoch, A. Goodwin, J. Osei-Kuffour, Weatherford; C. Wreden, CSI Technologies; D. Reagins, Shell Oil Co.; B. Ghaempanah, Shell Nigeria E&P Co. Ltd.; K.P. Kimmitt, Shell Canada Ltd.

14:22 – 14:44


Interventionless Multizone Stimulation System - A Case Study
E. Murdoch, C. Munro, A. Edwards, B. Robertson, Weatherford


Well Cementing
09:30 – 12:00 | Room 602

Session Chairpersons:
Michael Romer, Exxon Mobil Corporation; Hosam Abu Zeid, Schlumberger

Sponsored By:
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Oceanic and Engineering Society, Society of Petroleum Engineers


Paper #


09:52 – 10:14


Development and Validation of a Hydraulics Simulator for Estimating Subsurface Reverse Cementing Placement Pressures
C. Wreden, D. Simpkins, R. Sharma, K.M. Deshpande, V. Patkar, Weatherford; G.A. Fuller, B. Jee, S. Mercado, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.

Advances in Abandonment and Decommissioning Technologies
09:30 – 12:00 | Room 600

Session Chairpersons:
Syed Ali, Consultant; Francois Auzerais, Consultant

Sponsored By:
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Oceanic and Engineering Society, Society of Petroleum Engineers


Paper #


11:42 – 12:04


Case Study of a Customized Solution for Intervention Operations to Increase Well Production
D. Olstad, S.A. Canny, Weatherford