Up-front analysis and powerful technologies yield measurable results.

Our deepwater workflow begins in the design phase with the proven expertise of our Well Engineering and Project Management (WEPM) group, which enhances reservoir understanding and mitigates geologic and geomechanical challenges with deepwater-specific technologies and services. We help ensure that your well safely reaches total depth (TD) with unmatched risk-mitigation technologies, such as the Microflux® control system and managed pressure drilling (MPD).

As an industry leader in tubular running and completion systems, we offer our mechanized deepwater technologies such as the PowerFrame® tong-positioning system and HiPer control unit. Our TerraForm® openhole-packer system provides life-of-well zonal isolation and single-trip, multizone gravel packing.

We also help produce the well with comprehensive reservoir monitoring and intelligent-alarm capabilities, including i-DO® and LOWIS software and OmniWell® downhole sensing tools. Finally, our monitoring systems combine with well-integrity inspection technologies―including the multisensor caliper (MSC) tool―to help predict potential loss of well integrity. We remedy these issues using permanent casing remediation tools such as our MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners.

Saved $80 million in NPT costs: Recommendations by Well Engineering PM group enabled safe drilling to TD and completing sections in previously undrillable deepwater wells.

Manage drilling hazards with expert engineering and exclusive technologies.

Extreme drilling environments are the norm in deep water. Safe operations begin with the management of a miles-long water column with widely varying temperatures and pressures—all before encountering the uncertainty of downhole conditions, narrow pore-pressure-gradient windows, and shifting salt formations.

We offer the careful planning, exacting engineering, and precision-drilling technologies needed to safely reach total depth (TD) in deep water. Our Well Engineering and Project Management (WEPM) group takes a comprehensive approach to well planning to provide collaborative solutions that resolve complex deepwater well design, drilling, completion, production, and reservoir challenges.

Our drilling-hazard-mitigation technologies are industry leading. We offer a comprehensive suite of managed pressure drilling (MPD) solutions that include the Microflux® control system and the only certified marine rotating-control device (RCD) in the industry. We also help ensure that you obtain a full evaluation of challenging formations―including within pre-salt and sub-salt drilling environments―using our suite of premium logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology and Revolution® rotary-steerable systems.

20,000 barrels per day: Weatherford MPD technology, including the Microflux system and RCD, restored production in an abandoned multimillion-dollar well.
Saved $7 million by using Weatherford mechanized technologies to streamline tubular handling in a 6 well deepwater operation offshore Australia.

Help ensure well integrity with the global leader in well construction and completion services.

Deepwater tubulars can make up more than 45 percent of your well cost. More importantly, they’re critical to well integrity.

Our hands-free rig technologies automate the connections that help ensure well integrity, which saves time and money while reducing safety incidents. We’ve invested decades of R&D into mechanizing the rig floor and eliminating manual handling with technologies that include the PowerFrame® III tong-positioning system and TorkWrench™ drillpipe tong. To further enhance operational efficiency, our tubular-management services prepare high-integrity double or triple joints off of the critical path. 

We also offer a comprehensive selection of premium completion tools that provide the well integrity and lifetime durability that are essential to deepwater production. Our TerraForm® openhole-packer system helps provide life-of-well zonal isolation while protecting your formation, and our WellMaster® deepwater system helps ensure well control and efficient liner running.

Monitor and optimize in real time.

Deepwater assets must produce like clockwork. Only reliable, real-time data can provide the critical downhole information needed to continually optimize production. Our comprehensive deepwater surveillance and analysis systems help you get the most from your assets at the well, reservoir, and enterprise levels.

Since monitoring mistakes and failures in deep water can be environmentally and financially catastrophic, we designed our OmniWell® reservoir-monitoring system to be a permanent downhole solution. By keeping the optical and quartz sensors at the surface and running multiple coated-glass fibers downhole via a single cable, this system can withstand the high temperatures, pressures, and vibration of deepwater wells up to 572°F (300°C) and 30,000 psi (2,068 bar).

Our enterprise-wide, well-monitoring and production-optimization software systems remove the guesswork from deepwater optimization. These FieldOffice® systems―including i-DO® and LOWIS software―provide accurate diagnostics, predict failure, and identify and prioritize optimization opportunities on a daily basis.

OmniWell gauges provided reliable monitoring despite HTHP conditions (315°F and 6,000 psi) for 3 years and counting in Offshore Vietnam

Help enhance production with safe and efficient technologies.

Deepwater rig time exceeds $1 million per day. When a deepwater well needs intervention or re-entry, you need the issue resolved efficiently and permanently. We bring decades of experience in helping our clients avoid well-integrity risks, re-establish well security, and maintain production in deepwater assets all over the world.

Our restorative well-integrity solutions begin with casing and cement evaluation using diagnostic wireline tools including the ultrasonic radial scanner. We then permanently remediate casing issues with single-trip technologies such as our MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners.  We also offer efficient sidetrack and hole-enlargement drilling technologies featuring our RipTide® RFID-actuated drilling reamers and QuickCut casing-exit systems.

We help manage unstable formations with our drilling-with-casing (DwC) and drilling-with-liner (DwL) systems. These systems eliminate the need to trip pipe and bottomhole assemblies (BHAs), which increases drilling speed and reduces risk exposure by ensuring formation isolation on or near the bottom.

Single trip, zero NPT: The RipTide drilling reamer efficiently enlarged a sidetrack in a 2,000-ft section of a deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico.