A consistent approach yields measurable results.

Every working day in an unconventional field is a day of improvement and optimization decisions. Our approach is customizable consistency. We constantly analyze unconventional well performance to determine the effectiveness of current drilling, completion, and production practices across the life cycle of unconventional resources.

Our unconventional workflows begin with an exploration of the asset. We detect and maintain contact with the target zone using tools such as our SpectralWave® spectral azimuthal gamma sensor, which provides real-time and recorded spectral gamma-ray data, azimuthal gamma-ray borehole images, and precise total gamma information. We then move to appraisal in which we update the reservoir model and characterize the well for fracturing by means of high-resolution images from technologies such as our Compact cross-dipole (CXD) sonic tool.

We then progress to development and production. We design and execute efficient completions using innovative technologies such as microseismic tools and our StimSureSM reservoir stimulation services, which enable an unlimited number of precision fractures in one trip. Finally, we move to production and surveillance in which our comprehensive portfolio of production software, downhole sensors, and artificial-lift technologies continually optimize production for the life of the asset.

Optimized well spacing, reduced drilling plan, Saved at least $15 million in unnecessary drilling costs in the Woodford shale, Oklahoma

Making the most of your data to guide design decisions.

Shale geology makes every unconventional well as unique as a fingerprint. We help you collect, interpret, and apply formation evaluation data that locates the sweet spot in your unconventional formation.

We offer tailored services for every well and every field. Our process begins with a prospectivity analysis to deliver a structural model, which guides critical design decisions by integrating all available geological and geophysical data. Our petrophysical solutions are best-in-class. For one client alone, we’ve cored and analyzed more than 8,300 ft of unconventional rock through high-tech Weatherford Laboratories and our unique Wellsite Geoscience Services. 

Our CrossWave® logging-while-drilling (LWD) sonic tool provides 3D characterization of geomechanical properties to enable optimal fracture-stage design and placement. Our Compact imaging and sonic tools—with a selection of 10 Assure conveyance methods—deliver quality logs in wells as narrow as 2-1/4 in. Our surface-logging group provides wellsite and laboratory-based cuttings and fluid analysis through a suite of proprietary technologies, including the GC-TRACER® surface-gas detector. Furthermore, our exclusive Petroleum Consulting group can guide optimization of the drilling and completion plan.


Compact™ well shuttle and microimager, Identified 350+ natural fractures causing losses in a horizontal well in Colombia

Drill with precision. Construct with integrity.

Our drilling process leverages formation-evaluation data to plan a quality wellbore that’s right for the asset and your production budget.

Our rotary-steerable systems maintain contact with the narrowest pay zones. Our managed-pressure drilling services help you safely mitigate drilling hazards, including early detection of kicks, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and total-loss zones. Our drilling-with-liner (DwL) and drilling-with-casing (DwC) systems provide drilling safety, operational efficiency, and well integrity in a single-service package. 

We are the global leader for tubular running services. For decades, we’ve been entrusted to construct and remediate wells the right way. Last year alone, we safely ran enough tubulars to circumnavigate Earth 3,941 times. We also offer comprehensive solutions that evaluate well integrity using our wireline-integrity suite, and we permanently restore casing integrity using technologies such as MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners.

Weatherford drilling services delivered a 40% reduction in drilling days over 26 wells with 208,255 ft drilled in the Eagle Ford shale, Texas

Optimize your completion beyond pressure and proppant.

We believe completion optimization begins before the pumping units roll onsite. Because completion design affects the total cost and the ultimate productivity of the entire field, our intelligent completion solutions span from planning to pre-production.

Using our innovative Wave series of spectral azimuthal-, seismic-, and sonic-imaging tools, we can determine the optimal fracture placement, size, strength, and spacing. By understanding the effect of the reservoir and rock qualities on the completion design, our teams help guide decisions on fracture stage placements, optimum pumping schedules per rock type, and management of natural fractures. 

Our stimulation hardware includes the TruFrac® plug made from 97 percent composite material, the ZoneSelect® openhole and cased-stimulation systems, coiled-tubing fracturing systems, and just-in-time perforating systems. We also offer expert services, including the ResSure™ Live system, which helps you make informed decisions based on real-time stimulation conditions.

ZoneSelect® system enabled hybrid completion that maximized reservoir contact with 20 cemented zones and 18 openhole zones in the Bakken shale, North Dakota
LOWIS™ software optimized pumping on 14,000 rod-lift wells, Eliminated 1 million strokes per day and 50,000 cycles per day in the Permian Basin, Texas

Lift smarter. Extend economic productivity further.

All wells eventually live on artificial lift, and that happens sooner than later in unconventional assets. As the only company in the world with extensive expertise in all forms of artificial lift, we’ve created tools, software, and processes to extend the economic life of fractured wells.

At the well level, we design systems with broad operating envelopes that enable more production sooner. Jet pumps are proven technologies for frac flow-back, initial drawdown, and early production. As production changes throughout the life of the well, we can provide simple, but intuitive solutions that enable you to transition to secondary lift systems―be it gas-lift, rod-lift, or other technologies from our extensive toolbox―without having to pull the completion or workover the well. 

At the well, field, and global asset levels, we created an unmatched portfolio of OmniWell® downhole-sensing technologies and the FieldOffice® suite of production optimization software. These systems remove the guesswork from artificial lift by giving an exact picture of unconventional production, which enables a continually updated reservoir model, provides accurate diagnostics, predicts failure, reduces power costs, and identifies optimization opportunities on a daily basis.