FracAdvisor Solution

Geo-engineered well placement and completion for unconventional plays


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Because completions often consume 60 percent of budget in horizontal wells, efficiency in this area is especially critical. Through the integration of hydraulic fracturing, completion, and formation evaluation technologies, the FracAdvisor®solution improves well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery in unconventional plays.

Leveraging efficient Weatherford completion tools, our solution enhances life-of-well production by improving completion efficiency, optimizing production rate and recovery, and reducing overall completion costs.

Multisource data analysis

We begin with an expert review of all petrophysical and geomechanical data. Our solution integrates data from a range of sources including wireline and LWD logs, lab tests, and core analysis. We then use our proprietary, basin specific-algorithms to provide consistent stage and perforation placement―all of which are validated using production records from nearby wells.

Fully integrated completion design

We created a proprietary workflow for stage, perforation cluster, and frac design. Leveraging the knowledge gained during the data analysis phase, we determine perforation and/or packer placement alongside a stage-by-stage frac model.

Fracturing optimization

Once the optimal design is ready to put in place, we select the right proppant type and loading. Biodegradable agents further enhance perforation-cluster efficiency and provide the temporary zonal pressure isolation necessary for well refracturing.


Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

Multiphase flow measurement

Advanced meters for maximum accuracy

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TBlockSure® diverting agent

Short-term mechanical diversion for temporary zonal isolation

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CrossWave® azimuthal sonic tool

Critical, accurate logging-while-drilling data

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SlimWave microseismic array tool

Three-dimensional frac data

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StealthFrac® large‑bore completion system

Extended-reach plug-and-perforation solution

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