Completion Efficiency

SineWave® microimager characterized 5 wells, Determined optimal frac placement with high-resolution wellbore logs in Abu Dhabi

Characterize Efficiently

Using our innovative Wave series of spectral azimuthal, seismic, and sonic-imaging tools, we determine optimal fracture placement, size, strength, and spacing. We study variations within the mechanical properties of the rock, which influences the hydraulic-fracture propagation and more accurately predicts fracturing height.

FracAdvisor™ framework Saved 4 stages and $400K through optimized fracture placement in the Eagle Ford shale, Texas

Design Efficiently

Using the petroleum-consulting portfolio of answer products, including the FracAdvisor framework, we integrate reservoir and geomechanical data to optimize fracture placement and stimulation operations.

Ensure Reliable Well Integrity

The safety of your crew, equipment, and the environment depend on well integrity. Our completion technologies, including our Optimax tubing-retrievable safety valves, deliver uncompromising reliability to ensure zonal isolation and well integrity.

Optimax tubing-retrievable safety valves have zero failures over 10,000 years of cumulative service life globally

Stimulate Efficiently

Your stimulation plan should reflect what’s best for the well rather than equipment constraints. Our ZoneSelect® fracturing-completion system enables stimulation for an unlimited number of zones. This helps you eliminate time-consuming interventions and operate with maximum efficiency.

i-ball® smart sleeves isolated and fractured 45+ zones in 1 trip in the Bakken formation, North Dakota

Optimize Stimulation

Our microseismic-mapping services reveal the actual stimulation pattern of your fracture. We model and improve your stimulation program with a full geomechanical analysis plus pump pressures, injection rates, and injection volumes. This helps you avoid unanticipated subsurface complications, optimize your well and fracture trajectory, and avoid wasteful diversions into unfavorable natural fractures.

Microseismic services ensured fracture containment in two wells with 100-m grid spacing and enabled production from two zones in Western Siberia
The DF RamForceTM 2500 fracturing pump Replaced up to 70% of diesel fuel with clean and efficient field gas, CNG, or LNG

Fuel-Efficient Pumping

Fuel for pressure-pumping operations is a major operating expense and can be a logistical challenge. Our dual-fuel DF RamForce™ 2500 fracturing pump units reduce fuel costs without sacrificing horsepower. The system reliably blends diesel fuel with field gas, CNG, LNG, or liquid propane, which reduces your fracturing costs, lowers emissions, and enhances safety with fewer trucks at your wellsite.

MazeFlo™ self-mitigating screens achieved 2× the flow rate with initial production in Offshore West Africa

Efficient Sand Control

We can help keep your wells flowing, even in high sand-producing wells. We eliminate sand-ingress interventions with exclusive, self-choking screen technology that is patented by ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company and jointly developed with Weatherford.

Efficient Tool Actuation

Our radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based Keystone™ completion systems reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and overall rig time by remotely setting production packers, opening and closing valves, and more. The technology enables tool actuation from the surface, which negates the need for wash pipe, intervention manipulation, or surface control lines. 

RFID-based Keystone systems enabled remote well control Saved 1 day of rig time by eliminating the need for wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing in Saudi Arabia