Production Optimization

Our Workflow: AIM, Gain, and Sustain

Our production optimization cycle is customized and continuous. We created a proprietary workflow―AIM (asset inspection methodology), Gain, and Sustain―to help our clients reduce downtime, maintain flow, and increase the meantime between failures.

In the AIM phase, we define and prioritize optimization opportunities and build a business case for implementation. For the Gain phase, we build well and surface network models and recommend means to continuously increase uptime and improve deliverability. These two phases deliver an increase in production, which funds the Sustain phase in which we implement new production optimization technologies, fine-tune processes, and train crews.

LOWIS™ software helped eliminate 1 million damaging strokes and 50,000 cycles per day by optimizing operations for 14,000 RRL wells
On average, our optimization and testing service clients increased production by 15% and lengthened the life of their assets

Appraise and Select a Solution

Every well is a new challenge that defies a single-solution approach. Yet too often, artificial-lift systems are presented as one-type-fits-all. Our process is configured to follow a cycle of ongoing improvement, which closely mirrors the structure that producers follow to optimize well performance.

Appraise―We collaborate with your production team to assess each well—including depth, well completion, fluid properties, and production history—to guide the lift-selection process.
Select―We help you customize a practical lift solution that matches the unique well characteristics through use of our comprehensive simulation software.
Design―An optimization solution can yield thousands of possible configurations. Our experienced personnel help you reduce complexity and select the right choke size, flow-assurance method, surface network, and more.
Implement―Our crews install the optimization systems. The equipment and sensors enable the production optimization cycle to continue through monitoring and analysis, which enables continuous and ongoing adjustments.  

Realize the Benefits of Optimization

Each piece of optimization hardware and software helps you solve production problems and extend the economic life of the asset.

A typical well increases production, reaches a plateau, and later declines. As illustrated above, installing an optimization solution at the earliest stages of well life shifts the production profile upward. This gives you greater production gains for longer. Optimization delivers a faster return on investment during initial production, yields greater revenues during plateau and decline, and delays well abandonment.

We Offer Comprehensive Optimization Solutions

Well economics and decades of field-proven experience drive our production optimization technologies. Our expertise is enhanced by innovative software and sensing technologies to provide a comprehensive optimization package customized for your asset, budget, and production goals.  We offer integrated optimization solutions for any well type anywhere in the world, including shale, heavy oil, coal-bed methane, and subsea.

Integrated asset optimization
Unconventional shale and tight reservoirs
Heavy oil
Coal bed methane/coal seam gas
Digital oilfield
Artificial-lift optimization
Flow Assurance

Production and reservoir monitoring
Flow measurement
Automation and control