Well Abandonment

More Production, Zero Rig Time

We reduced the greatest expense of late-stage intervention―rig time and rig costs―by doing away with the rig. Our Rig-Free® pulling-and-jacking units can replace costly jackup rigs, workover rigs, and snubbing units. After working with you to decide whether the economics justify intervention, we can restart production on closed-in wells or provide workover services for wells with blockages, sand, scale, debris, or other obstructions.

Rig-Free® unit saved 4 wells from abandonment, Increased production by ≥ 300% by changing chrome tubing and electrical submersible pumps in the Gulf of Mexico, USA

Safe and Secure Abandonment

The economic life of every well eventually ends. We can help you navigate local regulations and provide safe, reliable, and cost-efficient operations whether you operate in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, or anywhere else in the world. Our team of abandonment specialists is dedicated only to safe and permanent abandonment, and they provide single-source services for any asset.

Rig-Free® unit safely abandoned 10 wells 108 days early, Saved $10.8 million moved from well-to-well in an average of 1 hour in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico