Well Integrity Management

Design with Integrity

Well integrity is a journey. Our workflow, processes, and technologies emphasize a lifetime approach to managing well integrity, from well engineering to final plug and abandonment.

We begin in the design phase with proven well-engineering and project-management expertise through our well-engineering and project-management (WEPM) group. By working with our clients in the early stages, we deliver enhanced well integrity, technological integration, well monitoring, service quality, and process safety that minimize risks for rig workers, the formation, and the environment.

WEPM group and MPD drilling reached TD in four problem wells, in reduced drilling-related NPT in Deepwater Latin America

Drill with Integrity

Next is drilling. We offer unmatched well-control technologies, including the Microflux® control system, managed pressure drilling (MPD), and pressurized mud-cap drilling (PMCD). These techniques and technologies not only mitigate drilling hazards in real time, they also provide early-kick detection and ensure well integrity in unstable and challenging formations.

In some wells, our techniques are the only way to safely reach total depth (TD). From fractured wells in south Texas to deepwater pre-salt wells in Brazil, we’ve used underbalanced mud weights to protect the formation and reduce drilling pressure, which helps prevent hole collapses in brittle and weak formations.

Underbalanced drilling ensures TD, enabled $1 million in early production and saved $500,000 in mud losses in Central Texas

Construct with Integrity

Well construction executes the engineering plan and sets the groundwork for a lifetime of well integrity. Used in conjunction with our comprehensive completion technologies, our tubular running services create a secure, life-of-well mechanical barrier using technologies such as our JAMPro torque monitoring software. This technology provides real-time configurable data reports, including torque-over turns and speed-over turns, which helps ensure your connections―standard, metal-to-metal seal, and premium―are expertly torqued.

JAMProTM software monitored real-time torque makeup data, Ran 263 joints with zero nonproductive time (NPT) and precise torqueing in the North Sea
UltraView™ confirmed well integrity, Saved $800,000 by averting unnecessary remediation in the Williston Basin, North Dakota

Monitor for Integrity

We then produce the well with comprehensive reservoir monitoring and intelligent-alarm capabilities, including i-DO® and LOWIS™ software and OmniWell® downhole sensing tools. Our monitoring systems combine with well-integrity evaluation technologies―including the CalView™―to help predict potential loss-of-well integrity. These casing- and cement-integrity evaluation technologies assess potential threats—such as leaks, corrosion, and sand production—that help enable accurate and efficient well-integrity observation.

Restore Integrity

Once well integrity issues are defined, we can help you permanently restore a secure wellbore. Using casing-remediation tools, such as our MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners, along with the MicroSeal® microannular-sealing system, we help deliver total well integrity throughout the length of the wellbore and annular space.

MetalSkin liners enabled drilling to Reach TD with 0 NPT by isolating a total-loss zone in a sidetrack well in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Abandon with Integrity

Once a well has produced beyond its economic lifetime, we can safely and securely plug and abandon the well using innovative tools including our Rig-Free® pulling-and-jacking units. These innovative units support safe, permanent well abandonment and help you reduce overall project spending by eliminating the use of a rig and the corresponding costs.

Decommissioned five subsea wells in world’s 1st rigless abandonment with the mechanical outside-latch, single-trip (M.O.S.T.™) tool in the North Sea