Coiled-Tubing Stimulation Systems


Coiled-Tubing Stimulation Systems ZoneSelect CT

Unconventional wells have longer laterals than ever before. Technologies that extend the reach of operators—from the toe to the heel of the lateral—can help to localize stimulation and improve the recovery factor.  

Coiled-tubing (CT) stimulation systems enable operators to reach thousands of feet downhole. In ultralong or challenging laterals, CT systems can fracture more zones than conventional ball-drop sleeve systems, and they eliminate the need to mill out balls and ball seats.

Coiled-Tubing Stimulation Systems ZoneSelect CT

Our ZoneSelect® CT stimulation system is effective in long openhole laterals and multistage completions.

Part of the Weatherford family of lower completion technology, the ZoneSelect CT stimulation system enables you to customize the location and the number of stages to optimize stimulation treatments in each well.

The system comprises four components: the CT stimulation sleeve, the CT locator sub, the CT anchor sub, and the CT combo sub. Also run on coiled tubing, the ReelFrac ZoneSelect packer is used to actuate the CT stimulation sleeve system and perform stimulation operations. 

Our ReelFrac packer can easily be pumped into extended-reach wells because of its proven cup-packer elements.

The ReelFrac packer anchors below the sleeve during fracturing to maximize the flow area. As a result, you get more efficient fracturing.

The ZoneSelect CT stimulation system enables you to create fractures for a range of applications—including horizontal or vertical wells as an openhole or cemented multistage completion. You can open individual sleeves for single-point stimulation or several sleeves for cluster stimulation applications. By pumping the ReelFrac packer downhole, you can fracture in extended-reach wells.