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Openhole Isolation Ares Tool

During fracturing operations in challenging openhole conditions, complete zonal isolation is the key to ensuring that fracturing fluid is directed to its precise target and that hydrocarbons flow into the wellbore without diversions.

Our comprehensive openhole isolation portfolio provides a high-quality seal and life-of-well compartmentalization in any wellbore.

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Avoid diversions and maximize your production.

The Weatherford ZoneSelect® openhole completion system—which includes hydraulic-set and swellable packers, sleeves, liners, plugs, and balls—delivers the most reliable solution needed to withstand difficult well conditions and the high pressures of fracturing operations. Our technologies can be deployed individually or combined for a custom completion solution.

We operate at the forefront of openhole isolation technology.

The technology in our openhole isolation portfolio incorporates rugged simplicity and high-integrity performance. We don’t recommend a technology based merely on what other service providers in the industry are doing. We deliver creative solutions for any well—and continually challenge the status quo in search of even more effective solutions.

Openhole Isolation Fraxsis Tool

Our field-proven openhole packers offer many time- and cost-saving advantages for operators: a short, compact design for easy handling and installation, the ability to hold securely against high pressures, and no inside diameter (ID) restrictions. These packers help fracturing to begin sooner while reducing your risk of presetting, friction, equipment failure, leaks, and washouts.

The Fraxsis® annulus swellable packer is designed specifically for the rigors of high-performance fracturing isolation. The proprietary high-strength elastomers and extrusion-eliminating backup systems enable swellable elements to achieve high differential pressure ratings. The shorter element sets faster, which enables fracturing to begin sooner.

The ARES II hydraulic packer is a mechanical sealing model designed for multizone isolation. A separate deployment interlock feature helps to increase run-in clearance and to mitigate operational risks in tight holes and doglegs. The extra-long packing element enhances sealing capability, yet requires a lower pack-off force to reduce stress on the formation.

By deploying our superior isolation technology, you can achieve complete interzonal isolation during openhole hydraulic fracturing operations.