Stimulation Sleeves


Stimulation Sleeves SingleShot

Traditional stimulation techniques can present many operator challenges. They cause frequent periods of downtime, consume large amounts of water, and can require handling perforation guns at your site.

By using our stimulation sleeves, you can reduce rig time, enhance operational efficiency, and conserve water—all of which lower your completion costs and help you reach the production phase more quickly.

Stimulation Sleeves Frac site

Our field-proven stimulation sleeves enable better targeting of multizone fracturing treatments—and take much less time than traditional techniques.

Our technology enables you to continuously isolate below the stimulation sleeves, shift to open the ports, stimulate, and then move to the next zone for quick, efficient stimulation. These sleeves are suited for vertical or horizontal wells, and for cemented or openhole completions. They can be opened via ball drop or coiled tubing. As part of our comprehensive ZoneSelect® completion system, our stimulation sleeves can be combined with any additional components you’ll need—including openhole packers, balls, and wiper plugs—to easily create a custom design.


We achieve the highest stage count in the industry among both openhole and cementable graduated seat sleeves.

Alongside our ball-drop activated sleeves (SingleShot, MASS, i-Ball, and MultiShift), our vast portfolio of stimulation-ball technologies includes composite and aluminum balls, and metallic and thermoplastic dissolvable balls. Developed using advanced mathematics, our ball-seat sizing technology helps to optimize stage counts and pressure ratings.


Stimulation Sleeve Tool

The multi-array stimulation sleeve (MASS) combines the benefits of multi-point stimulation with the benefits of a ball-drop system.

This technology enables you to group up to five sleeves in a single zone—with a current maximum stage count of 18—and open all five sleeves with only one ball. MASS technology has been proven effective in both openhole and cemented completions.

Maximize multizone stimulation through single-trip efficiency, more targeted fracturing, and a modular, custom design that accommodates specific wellbore conditions.