ZoneSelect ComboFrac Openhole Packer


Provides both mechanical and swelling-elastomer isolation when high-pressure differentials are required


  • Multizone openhole completions
  • High-pressure stimulations
  • Horizontal or vertical wells
  • Completion of underbalanced wells or wells with losses

Features and Benefits

  • The ComboFrac packer has a 5-ft (1.5-m) total element length for an effective seal over the irregular openhole section.
  • The packer has a compression-set element for instant isolation and pressure integrity. This feature, along with the compliant seal of the swellable elastomer, enables an early pressure application across the packer.
  • The packer withstands pressures up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) during stimulation treatments for maximum effectiveness.
  • An interlocking feature secures the setting device during deployment to prevent the packer from setting prematurely.

Tool Description

The Weatherford ComboFrac openhole packer provides both mechanical and swelling-elastomer isolation when high-pressure differentials are required. The packer incorporates a conventional compression-set element and a conforming swellable elastomer. The design combines the instant pack-off capabilities of a hydraulic-set element with the pressure support of a longer, more compliant swellable element. The swellable element can be supplied in a water-, oil-, or hybrid-swelling elastomer to meet individual well requirements.

The ComboFrac packer is part of the Weatherford ZoneSelect® fracturing system, which includes an extensive portfolio of openhole isolation packers, selective stimulation sleeves, and ancillary equipment. Together, these technologies optimize stimulation performance in various wellbore environments.