ZoneSelect i-ball Stimulation Sleeve


Enables unlimited single-entry stimulation stages using the same sized ball and ball seat for each sleeve  


  • Multistage horizontal or vertical wells
  • Openhole or cemented wells

Features and Benefits 

  • An unlimited number of zones can be stimulated, which can result in greater reservoir contact and increased production.
  • The large inside diameter (ID) reduces friction through the sleeve, which enables all zones to be stimulated at the same rate.
  • Screen-out recovery provides multiple recovering options, saving nonproductive time and associated costs.
  • Eliminating graduated seats reduces pumping horsepower requirements and lowers introduced friction and pressure losses.
  • Ball seats disappear after stimulation and eliminate the need for milling operations.
  • A plug and perforation contingency profile enables ball seats to be removed before stimulation, which leaves the sleeve closed to enable additional plug-and-perforation operations.

Weatherford i-ball® stimulation sleeves are part of the ZoneSelect® fracture completion system. The sleeve enables an unlimited number of single-entry stimulation stages using the same sized ball seat and ball for each zone. 

The i-ball sleeve is sized to achieve an ID as close as possible to that of the liner string during production. The pre-stimulation ball seat ID greatly reduces frictional forces and enables an efficient fracture at each zone of the well from toe to heel. After stimulation, a disappearing ball-seat system in the i-ball sleeve automatically increases the minimum ID. No milling or further intervention is required. 



Sleeve size
4 1/2 in. 5 1/2 in.
Tubing size
4.5 in. (114.3 mm) 5.5 in. (139.7 mm)
Tubing weight
Ball OD
3.31 in. (84.5 mm) 4.25 in (107.9 mm)
Maximum OD
5.65 in. (143.5 mm) 6.75 in. (171.5 mm)
Minimum ID (pre-stimulation)
2.99 in. (75.9 mm) 3.89 in. (98.8 mm)
Minimum ID (post-stimulation)
3.52 in. (89.4 mm) 4.45 in. (113.0 mm)
Lower seat (mill size)
3.41 in. (88.6 mm)
4.35 in. (110.5 mm)
Ball material
Composite, metallic hybrid Invisiball® ball
Ball seat ΔP
10,000 psi (68.9 MPa)
Burst rating, 110 ksi
10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) 11,000 psi (75.8 MPa)
Collapse rating, 110 ksi 10,500 psi (72.4 MPa)
Tensile strength
250,000 lb (113,398 kg) 460,000 lb (208,652 kg)
Torque (internal connections)
10,000 ft/lb (13,558 n•m) 12,021 ft/lb (16,298 n•m)
Erosion resistance
11MM lb (4.99MM kg) of
fracture sand over 36 hrs
10MM lb (4.0MM kg) of
fracture sand over 36 hrs
Temperature range
32 to 350°F (0 to 177°C)
Flow area through ports
12.02 in.2 (8,065 mm2) 15.78 in.2 (10,161 mm2)