Coiled-Tubing Services


Coil Tubing Services_Truck With Coil

Intervention should take place at the first sign of mechanical failures or formation problems, which can quickly impact the productivity and economics of your well.

Coiled tubing (CT) is a cost-effective intervention method because it can be inserted into your well without removing the production tubing or requiring a workover rig. 

Coil Tubing Services_Control Room

Our CoilSureSM CT intervention services can help you extend production in a damaged well or gain access to stranded oil and gas reserves.

We operate a broad range of downhole tools, coupled with CT spreads that perform in the world's most complex multizone, horizontal completions.

Our intervention services are rooted firmly in an extensive set of standard operating procedures that deliver safe, consistent, and reliable service.

Weatherford uses highly skilled people, proven processes, and advanced and reliable CT intervention equipment to deliver a seamless solution.

Weatherford is one of the largest global providers of CT intervention services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of specialized equipment that can operate in today’s deep, multizone, and horizontal wellbores. Our technology conforms to API 16ST guidelines.

In the increasingly urban settings of today's shale plays, there is a growing demand for quieter and cleaner equipment. Weatherford is answering the call.

Our units operate cleaner and more quietly with power packs that run at lower sustained RPM, which reduces both emissions and noise.

Our experience translates into faster response times, lower risk, less nonproductive and well-possession time, and improved shale economics.