Reservoir Stimulation Services


Reservoir Stimulation Services

Knowing where to drill is not enough. Once you reach the pay zone, you need a plan for extracting the optimal amount of hydrocarbons from your reservoir while minimizing the impact on your budget and the surrounding environment.

By applying the right formation knowledge, stimulation fluids, and equipment, and by deploying a team experienced in completion placement and design, you can maximize reservoir drainage from new and mature wells—even in difficult formations—and maximize the value of your asset.

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Weatherford provides reservoir stimulation services that combine intelligence from surface and drilling logs and real-time reservoir modeling.

We draw upon this data and our completion expertise to produce custom completion designs and to deploy efficiency-enhancing, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective hydraulic fracturing technologies.

In collaboration with clients, we use solid science to help make accurate and impactful reservoir decisions.

From our experience hydraulically fracturing tens of thousands of unconventional wells, we know that the geological challenges in each well are unique. Rather than assuming that we have the right answer for you, we gather facts and let your reservoir dictate the solution. Only then do we recommend the right technology to get your fracturing job done efficiently and cost effectively.

Reservoir Stimulation Ramforce

Our DF RamForceTM 2500 power unit operates at 2,500 bhp (1,864 kW) to crank out higher pump pressures at longer intervals while consuming a smaller site footprint than other stimulation units.

The unit can also run on up to 70% natural gas to lessen your reliance on diesel fuel. This reduces the number of fuel trucks at your job site and lowers emission levels.

Our TBlockSure® diverting agent enhances completion efficiency and improves production rates when hydraulically fracturing new wells and refracturing multistage wells. Made of a degradable mesh, the TBlockSure agent seals natural or existing perforations and directs fracturing fluids to target zones. Unlike traditional diverters, the TBlockSure agent creates a much less permeable seal, withstands high treatment pressures, and eliminates post-fracturing intervention. At a predetermined time, depending on bottomhole temperature and pH, the mesh dissolves into liquid form and returns to the surface with flowback fluids to minimize cleanup.




Our hydraulic fracturing technologies and services help operators tackle one of their toughest challenges: safely and efficiently increasing production while driving down completion costs.

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Increased Hydraulic Fracturing Efficiency in the Eagle Ford Shale