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Because conditions inside your well can change in a heartbeat, you need protection against chemical flowback that can harm your personnel and contaminate the environment.

Effective stimulation shouldn't involve exposing people and the environment to potentially harmful substances. Weatherford chemists take a proactive, timely, and flexible approach to stopping chemical flowback.

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The Weatherford portfolio of chemicals and additives plays a major role in helping you handle downhole conditions when they shift dramatically.

Our experience—backed by our in-house research, development, and manufacturing capabilities—gives us the flexibility to address each unique situation in a timely manner. As conditions change, so do we. We’re always anticipating potential production problems and looking for new solutions.

With R&D facilities located around the world, Weatherford can respond quickly to your specific circumstances as they arise.

Created by experienced chemists, our custom solutions target and alleviate any conditions that may result in harmful chemical flowback.

Timely application of our custom chemicals and additives protect you, your workers, and the environment from the dangers of chemical flowback.