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Fluid Systems test

Optimal production begins with selecting the right fracturing fluid—and placing it in precisely the right spot—to maximize reservoir contact. It also requires keeping flow paths open to sustain production for long periods of time.

In addition to aiding hydrocarbon recovery, the right fracturing fluids enhance the efficiency of stimulation operations, are compatible with formation fluids, minimize formation damage, and eliminate contaminants and other production inhibitors—all with minimal environmental impact.

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Through our FracSure® fluid systems, Weatherford offers a complete portfolio of environmentally safe fracturing fluids that deliver reliable performance in all types of formations.

Based on the geologic characteristics of your reservoir, the specific application, and local regulations, we help you tailor the right fluid for your reservoir. We blend your fracturing fluid with absolute accuracy to address the needs of your reservoir. Then we deploy your fluid system safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Our extensive in-house R&D and testing capabilities ensure that our fluid systems continually evolve to meet complex stimulation challenges while safeguarding the environment.


All of our fracturing fluids are water based and easy to clean out. Our fluids also contain only food-grade ingredients and only drinking-water-grade biocides to kill harmful bacteria.

We also give you the option to use produced or flowback water in your fracturing fluid so you can conserve fresh water, mitigate costs associated with transporting fresh water, and reduce underground wastewater disposal.

Our fracturing fluid systems help you maximize production while lowering costs, reducing the risk of formation damage, and minimizing environmental impact.