TBlockSure Degradable Diverting Agent


Provides temporary zonal isolation and mechanical diversion during stimulation treatments in new and refractured wells


  • Completing vertical, horizontal, and openhole wells
  • Sealing existing perforations and breaking down new perforations in refracturing well candidates
  • Providing zonal isolation without the use of bridge plugs
  • Diverting fluids during treatments for increased zonal coverage
  • Treating existing perforations and zones with collapsed or restricted casing
  • Sealing ports on damaged or inoperable sliding-sleeve systems
  • Temporarily sealing damaged casing and misfired or out-of-zone perforations
  • Restoring lost circulation during drilling or well cleanouts

Features and Benefits

  • The TBlockSure® agent provides effective zonal isolation and fluid diversion.
  • The agent provides a highly effective, temporary plug for stimulation or workover fluids.
  • The agent generates fracture-network complexity in naturally fractured reservoirs.
  • The agent reduces or eliminates bridge plugs and plug mill-out time, along with the associated costs.
  • At a predetermined time, the agent degrades into a water-soluble byproduct that is compatible with most stimulation and produced fluids.

Tool Description

The TBlockSure diverting agent for stimulation or workover applications is made of proprietary degradable materials. This agent provides a temporary blocking effect that provides superior zonal isolation and mechanical diversion in comparison to traditional diverters.

Once in place, the TBlockSure agent creates an impermeable seal that withstands differential treatment pressures in excess of 4,000 psi (27.6 MPa).  At a predetermined time, depending on bottomhole temperature and pH, the diverter pill dissolves. The agent eliminates the need for bridge plugs, minimizes cleanup, and reduces plug mill-out time.

Suited for wells with temperatures ranging from 80˚ to 300˚F (27˚ to 150˚C), the TBlockSure agent offers a cost-effective alternative to plug-and-perf stimulation techniques.


TBlockSure TBlockSure LT
180° to 300°F
(82° to 149°C)
80° to 180°F
(27° to 82°C)