Sand Control


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Uncontrolled sand production can erode hardware, plug production tubing, and reduce production. Preventive sand-management technologies help mitigate these issues.

Our sand-control technologies and services are critical to protecting equipment, enhancing recovery, and optimizing production.

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Weatherford designs unique sand-control solutions in some of the most challenging conditions.

We customize completion solutions based on the unique characteristics of each reservoir. With our experience in diverse environments, we can design the optimal sand-control solution for the life of your well.

Weatherford offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and reliable sand-control technologies and services. 

Our sand-control solutions incorporate a toolbox of products—including inflow control devices, shunt-tube technologies, openhole isolation packers, expandable sand screens, proprietary products such as the MazeFloTM screen, gravel- and frac-pack tools—and services.

With our sand-control services and our experienced personnel, you can minimize the equipment damage, downtime, production delays, and costs normally associated with drilling in sandy environments.



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