Conventional Well Screens


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Well screen selection can have a far-reaching effect not only on downhole equipment and tubular life but also on long-term well productivity and efficiency. 

Because sand-control problems vary in terms of particle size, permeability, and carrier fluid, both the cause of and cure for sand production are unique to each well.


Our sand-control solutions begin with a ten-step analysis―including characterizing the reservoir, examining the well trajectory, and considering the completion preference―that delivers an engineered sand control system for your application.

Backed by an extensive selection of conventional well screens, we can design systems for openhole or cased-hole wells; gravel- and frac-pack wells, including shunted screens; thermal applications such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS); and other applications, including injection wells, gas storage wells, industrial water wells, and thru-tubing systems.



Because high-quality wire is critical to the creation of an effective and robust wire-wrapped screen, we manufacture our own precision-shaped wire to exacting specifications.

Through control of the entire manufacturing process, we create precise wire size and slot tolerances. We build wire-wrap and premium screens from an array of metallurgies, and our premium screens are constructed of both single woven mesh and multilayered sintered laminate.

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The MazeFlo™ self-mitigating screen technology increases the reliability of sand control completions by incorporating a maze design to constrain local sand ingress caused by screen damage without interrupting well production.

The screen contains a series of compartments along a selectively perforated base pipe. Each compartment contains a primary screen, flow baffles, outer housing, and a secondary screen. Should the primary screen erode, sand flows into the housing compartment, accumulates on the secondary screen, and subsequently increases the resistance to flow in the problematic compartment, which leads to self-mitigation. The produced fluid is then diverted to the adjacent undamaged screen compartments. 

MazeFlo is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Technology licensed from ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.

We engineer well screen solutions that help you achieve optimal well performance. Our six manufacturing plants, located strategically throughout the world, enable us to respond quickly to custom orders for any well in any part of the world.