Gravel-Pack Systems


Gravel Pack System equpment view

Keeping formation sand in place and preventing solids from entering the wellbore are critical to improving operational efficiency and production. Gravel packing is an effective means of preventing formation sand from entering the production string.

Gravel- and frac-pack systems can be designed to control sand and fines production in a variety of applications, from unconsolidated to tight sand formations, and for both conventional and unconventional wells.

Gravel Pack Equipment

The Weatherford portfolio of gravel-pack and frac-pack systems provides proven, fit-for-purpose choices to meet your specific sand-control requirements for openhole or cased-hole applications.

Openhole packing: The WFX0 system has a simple, robust design that is well suited for a variety of openhole operating environments—from shallow, land-based operations to extended-reach subsea wells. Straightforward manipulation of service tools makes it easy to transition between all operating positions without swabbing or surging the reservoir and without compromising hydrostatic communication.

Frac packing: The WFX Gen. 2 system can withstand the rigors of high-rate, high-pressure frac packing and gravel packing operations in land, platform, and subsea environments. This is the latest advancement of our time-proven, operator-friendly, and robust fixed-position system.

Easy transitions between operating positions: The Weatherford four-position (4P) gravel-pack provides a distinct advantage by enabling straightforward, efficient transitions from run-in-hole to circulate, squeeze, and reverse positions in land operations or fixed working platforms.

Efficient, economical packing operations: Our hydraulic-release hookup nipple (HUN) system provides a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient gravel-pack solution that is compatible with a wide range of Weatherford products.

The Weatherford WFX0 system is the first fully V0-rated gravel-pack system.

Incorporating a packer rated at 10,000 psi (69,948 kPa), the WFX0 gravel-pack sliding sleeve, and the WFX0 quick connect, the system eliminates the need for a dedicated, deep-set barrier run to install a packer and ball valve. This saves two to three days of rig time, valued at millions of dollars.

gravel pack systems - underground

Selectively isolate zones with single-trip efficiency.

Combining our Terraform® openhole packer and shunt-tube technologies, the Weatherford SZI packer enables operators to selectively isolate reservoir zones in multizone gravel-packing applications—with single-point pumping convenience and single-trip efficiency.

Our comprehensive portfolio of gravel-pack and frac-pack systems enables us to customize completion solutions, based on the unique characteristics of each reservoir, to provide optimal sand control for the life of your wells.