Inflow Control Devices


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Every sand-control challenge is unique and calls for a custom solution. Inflow control devices (ICDs), which help prevent the early breakthrough of water and gas into your well, can combine with screens as an alternative solution to prevent sand ingress and maximize completion efficiency and longevity.

We deliver ICDs that can be combined with a range of screen options to enhance screen reliability and performance.

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Weatherford sand-control technologies include a comprehensive product line of well screens and ICDs.

Our well-screen systems are designed for standalone cased-hole and openhole wells; gravel- and frac-pack systems, including shunted screens; thermal applications, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage and cyclic steam stimulation; injection wells; and gas storage.

Weatherford offers engineered well screens that provide an extensive variety of sand-control media to match your requirements, different wire shapes and sizes, single-layer mesh and multilayered sintered laminate, and a full range of metallurgies.

We also offer a wide variety of ICDs to provide both passive and active flow control for the complete spectrum of oil and gas applications.

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The MazeFlo™ self-mitigating screen technology improves the reliability of completions in sandy wells by incorporating a maze design to constrain local sand ingress caused by screen damage—without interrupting well production.

The Ultra-GripTM well screen with the FloRegTM RC ICD, combined with ASP Genesis® packer, delayed water production and isolated water-producing zones, which extended the life of the well while reducing intervention costs.

Using our screen manufacturing facilities in five countries, Weatherford delivers world-class engineered well screens and ICDs across the globe. 

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