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The Right Completion is an Economic Game-Changer

The CZI Cup Fully Exampanded on an Openhole Packer

As day rates for deepwater rigs increase to nearly $1 million, operators look to openhole completion technologies that can reduce millions of dollars without sacrificing well integrity.

Openhole packer systems can save significant rig time and up to $20 million by not requiring you to case the openhole zone, cement the lower completion, or perforate.

Openhole Packers TerraForm packers

The Weatherford TerraForm® openhole packer system provides cased-hole functionality in your most critical deepwater wells.

Our TerraForm packer uses proprietary cup-seal isolation technology. It provides a downhole seal that actively molds to the geometry of the wellbore—even non-uniform and oval wellbores—throughout the life of the well. The openhole packer system has up to 24 individual setting mechanisms around the circumference of the elastomer seal that give you unprecedented wellbore-expansion capabilities.

The TerraForm packer has a unique clutch mechanism that eliminates the possibility of the tool harming the reservoir or creating microfractures. The packer typically seals the openhole zone at 120 psi (0.83 MPa) with a hard limit of 200 psi (1.38 MPa), which is a massive reduction from compression-set packers. The cup seals of the TerraForm packer are tension set, which enables them to maintain form throughout thermal cycles.

In addition to the proprietary cup-seal isolation technology and unique clutch mechanism, certain models of the TerraForm packer include the ROKANKOR anchoring system to achieve further cased-hole functionality in openhole environments.

The ROKANKOR system has hydraulically set upper and lower slips that hold at least 150,000 lb (68,039 kg). These slips secure sand-facing completion systems to the openhole section to protect the system from the dynamic loads exerted by well operations and to prevent movement of the completion string. To avoid unnecessary stress on the formation, the ROKANKOR design incorporates a large friction pad area to distribute forces uniformly into the formation.


Openhole Packers SZI TerraForm packer

The SZI TerraForm packer combines the benefits of openhole isolation and openhole gravel packing by incorporating shunt-tube technology to enable packing multiple openhole zones in a single run.

The tool includes two unidirectional cup-seal packer assemblies that are paired with an internal shunt annulus running the length of the packer. The internal shunt annulus communicates with the shunted screen to provide continuous slurry communication across multiple zones.

Weatherford TerraForm packers enable complete zonal isolation in openhole environments—and can run downhole and set in a single completion-string trip. 

Openhole Packers CSI TerraForm packer
Openhole Packers SZE TerraForm packer

The TerraForm packer has had

0 failures over 7 years of use

in an Angolan well with severe fluctuations in temperature and pressure