Flow Control


Flow Control QX Mandrel

Managing the flow of fluids in your production tubing is critical to maintaining optimal production. If the flow is faster or has higher pressure than desired, you risk depleting your reservoir too quickly or undermining your well integrity. Too much water or gas in your wellbore is equally detrimental to production levels.

To maintain optimal production, flow-control equipment helps manage the level, speed, and pressure of fluid flow between the casing and tubing, and regulates or prevents the flow of fluids or gases into the wellbore. Weatherford offers comprehensive flow-control technologies for all types of wellbores.

Flow Control RFID

With more than three decades of flow-control experience, Weatherford has developed products that optimize production and mitigate elevated risk in extreme environments.

When implemented at the front end of a project, our flow-control systems can provide long-term savings for a variety of completion applications.

Our flow-control systems incorporate a groundbreaking setting module operated by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Using radio transmitters and receivers to control isolation valves, inflow control devices, and the opening or closing of sleeves, our flow-control systems reduce costs and enhance safety.

Flow Control Ball Valve

Weatherford has developed a suite of isolation valves that share common parts, which helps simplify your equipment inventory.

Our OptiBarrier™ remotely and hydraulically operated systems use a common ball-isolation mechanism.

The Weatherford RFID control system, which operates in a clean fluid reservoir, manages debris effectively and helps you avoid the cycling issues that can occur with other tools.

Weatherford flow-control systems help you manage fluid flow, even in the most extreme environments, for enhanced safety and production.

Flow Control Ball Valve