Production Packers


Production Packers

High pressures and temperatures in deepwater wells and corrosive conditions in natural-gas storage wells can adversely affect completion equipment performance, undermine safety, and result in costly intervention. Drawing on more than three decades of cased-hole completion experience, Weatherford has advanced production-packer technology that mitigates the elevated risk and potentially expensive consequences of performance failure in such extreme environments.

A production packer creates a pressure-tight seal between the production tubing and the casing wall that diverts the flow of fluids or gases into the production stream. It is one of the most important components deployed in the completion string.

Production Packers OptiPkr

From mechanical, hydraulic, wireline, multistring, and feed-through packers to permanent and retrievable sealbore packers, Weatherford offers a breadth and depth of tools and technology, custom-engineered systems, and engineering expertise to meet today’s demanding applications.

Our latest developments include our removable cut-to-release OptiPkr™ production packer.

Weatherford exceeds the industry’s API 11D1 testing and qualifying standards for production packers. 

The Weatherford OptiPkr production packer is designed for maximum versatility and durability. It is optimized for high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) wells and the most demanding subsea environments.

Engineered for maximum reliability, the OptiPkr production packer provides the robustness of a permanent packer and the flexibility of a retrievable packer for easy removal. With a modular design that adapts to most applications and wellbore conditions, the OptiPkr production packer can be set hydraulically or hydrostatically. The packer can also be actuated electronically with a radio frequency identification (RFID) trigger. Its multiple applications include conventional, monobore, and stacked completions, as well as liner-top isolations. Its qualification exceeds API 11D1 V0 in Q125 casing.

Weatherford packer systems include permanent, retrievable, and feed-through production packers. To each project, our skilled engineers, technicians, and subject-matter experts bring a superior level of knowledge and industry experience and a drive to push the envelope in what's possible technologically. As a result, we are prepared to serve clients and deliver solutions to meet every application need—from the most basic to the extreme.