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When working offshore, the safety of your crew, equipment, and the environment can come down to one piece of equipment—your safety valve.

Subsurface safety valves are critical to well integrity and can be the final barrier in preventing unobstructed flow from coming to the surface during an emergency. Safety valves are designed to enable flow, but they are always ready to provide reliable, fail-safe closures to shut off the flow when the signal is lost.

Saftery Systems OptiMax

Weatherford has a wide range of subsurface safety valves, both surface controlled and subsurface controlled.

Our Optimax safety valves are designed for reliability and longevity. Our dedication to revolutionary technology, coupled with our deployment of the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques, has produced best-in-class safety valves. These valves offer greater design simplicity to maximize reliability and longevity.

Since our first safety valves were brought to market, Weatherford has built a reputation for innovation and reliability.

We have installed more than 6,000 valves globally and provide an exceptional meantime-between-failures (MTBF) rate. No failures have been attributed to our tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled, subsurface safety valve (TRSCSSV) design. Field proven with more than 10,000 years of cumulative in-well valve life, Optimax safety valves are durable, reliable, and help reduce your risk.

With no sleeves, plugs, or other mechanisms that can fail, our rod-piston, flapper-type, tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSVs) are engineered for simplicity and reliability.

By means of a single control line, our TRSVs use hydraulic pressure to open the valve for production. With any loss of pressure caused by equipment failure or damage, the valve automatically reverts to its natural, fail-safe position—firmly closed and protecting your people, equipment, and the environment.

Our extensive line of subsurface safety valve products is the culmination of expert engineering, design, and rigorous testing. Our valves also bring an exceptional history of field-proven performance, which helps you safely maximize the life of your well.