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To maximize recovery and optimize production in your wells, it’s important to perform critical upgrades, treatments, and interventions without the cost and interruption of a rig. This requires a range of specialized equipment, careful planning, and extensive expertise.

Comprehensive, integrated remedial solutions are necessary to mitigate problematic well conditions and remove wellbore issues that can slow or halt daily production. While these solutions are typically deployed in unconventional and mature reservoirs, they can be adopted across all well types, through the life of the well, and into plug and abandon.

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Weatherford well-service solutions are designed to extend the decline curve, prevent workovers, and increase the productive life of your wells.

Perhaps your needs are as simple as removing wellbore obstructions using traditional thru-tubing services. Or as advanced as using our proprietary Renaissance™ technologies to replace damaged subsurface safety valves or control lines and restore production without a workover rig. Whatever your challenge or application—from start of production through plug and abandon—Weatherford offers a combination of completion technologies and expertise that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our extensive well-services portfolio provides you with the widest breadth of offerings in the industry, including exclusive technologies and an unmatched global service infrastructure.

Whatever your challenge, Weatherford has you covered:

  • A complete range of qualified permanent and retrievable well-barrier packages
  • Innovative thru-tubing technologies, which include our retrievable, ISO 14310-qualified zonal isolation straddle
  • 20,000psi-rated Uniset® flow-control solutions
  • Integrated suite of Renaissance rigless solutions
  • Industry-leading thru-tubing fishing and milling technologies
  • Outstanding service quality, supported by our extensive global support infrastructure
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Our WCS Opti-Chem™ chemical-injection safety valve system enables operators to retrofit wells that require unplanned chemical injection while retaining well control with a subsurface safety valve.

For marginal wells in which a standard workover is cost prohibitive, this system enables retrofit chemical injection to control production problems. Installed using capillary and slickline equipment, this innovative solution has been proven in a variety of well conditions and locations—including Indonesia, the UK North Sea, and other points across the globe.

Our inverse gas-lift system is a rigless solution to extend the life of your reservoir in wells with no gas-lift capability or with casing integrity problems.

  • Uses dual-flow safety valve to provide separate, distinct flow paths for production or injection
  • Enables gas injection via insert string, using existing tree and completion
  • Deploys via traditional well-service methods
  • Does not require a rig or workover unit
  • Maintains well integrity during intervention

Our well services are focused on providing rigless solutions that add value throughout the productive life of your wells, extend the decline curve, and reduce overall operating costs. With an unmatched breadth of well-services technology and expertise, Weatherford is uniquely positioned to help you get more from your assets.

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