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Safety valve-related problems can result in decreased or shut-in production, which can require expensive workover operations to pull and sometimes replace the tubing.

Renaissance™ systems can restore production in wells with damaged safety valves that have caused shut-in production. Renaissance systems can also increase production in wells experiencing production-suppressing issues―varying from liquid loading in gas wells to wax inhibition and retrofitting gas lift in compromised oil wells―without sacrificing surface or subsurface safety-valve functionality.

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Renaissance systems encompass a series of complementary technologies that enhance production rates and increase total recoverable reserves in brownfield assets. 

Renaissance safety valve systems optimize performance via a custom solution for each well. Moreover, each valve offers the benefits of simplicity, reliability, safety, cost reduction, and overall extended reservoir recovery.

Minimize risk, reduce costs, and increase production.

Renaissance subsurface safety valves (SSVs) build on the industry-leading Weatherford Optimax SSV by integrating propriety ways of retrofitting systems to deliver treatment fluids downhole without compromising well integrity or safety-valve functionality. Renaissance SSVs are installed as an intervention installation, which is faster and more economical than completing a conventional workover.

Built on our industry-leading safety-valve technology, Renaissance systems integrate propriety methods to inject fluids downhole to enhance production or to retrofit a new SSV control line where the original has failed.

Weatherford Renaissance SSVs can return wells to production and enhance production on other wells faster, easier, and more economically than traditional methods.