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Optimizing wellbore placement and maximizing efficiency involves reducing geologic uncertainty and improving formation evaluation. Drilling services provides a complete solution by pairing advanced drilling and logging technologies with trained personnel to skillfully execute the entire well plan.

Whether the drilling and evaluation project is vertical, deviated or a more advanced 3D-designer well for offshore projects, the technology and personnel required to successfully perform these projects must come from a dedicated core competency of invested technology and people.


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Using a suite of sensors, drilling tools, and services that include rotary-steerable systems (RSS), performance drilling, and highly advanced logging-while-drilling (LWD) technologies, Weatherford delivers safe, reliable solutions for all drilling and evaluation projects.

Our Research and Development division continues progressing advanced evaluation and drilling solutions to provide clients with industry-leading innovations and technologies.

From routine to extreme conditions, Weatherford drilling services sets the standard for speed, accuracy, and high-temperature/high-pressure (HTHP) performance.

For example, the Wave series of advanced LWD sensors can be coupled with the Revolution® suite of RSS tools, allowing deeper kick-offs to maximize reservoir exposure and reducing drilling time with single-run, vertical-to-horizontal drilling. This combination of technologies also enables extended-reach drilling in wells with temperatures exceeding 300˚F (149˚C) and pressures approaching 30,000 psi.

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The Weatherford LWD and drilling-technology developments began when the demand for extreme-drilling sensors was just beginning.

This led to a host of tools and services uniquely aimed to operate at extreme temperatures and pressures—not by modifying decades-old technology. Additionally, designing and building leading-edge sensors using the latest innovations and materials has resulted in a non-segregated fleet that increases reliability and accuracy.

Weatherford drilling services provides the industry leading LWD, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), and RSS tools to ensure your wellbore follows the well plan in environments ranging from routine to extreme.

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