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Weatherford carries an extensive fleet of positive-displacement mud motors for meeting today’s drilling challenges in a wide variety of hole sizes, conditions, and environments.

For over 25 years, Weatherford has been engineering and developing positive-displacement motors for use in difficult drilling environments. From short-radius to high-performance vertical and motorized rotary-steerable drilling—we inventory more than 3,000 positive-displacement motors. These motors are designed to supply the right combination of torque, speed, and flow capabilities for maximizing reliability, power efficiency, and wellbore integrity for optimized performance in unique well circumstances.

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Weatherford FrontLine and HyperLine directional-drilling motors represent almost three decades of drilling experience and technology development.

Our FrontLine drilling motor is a robust and reliable drilling tool that has proven itself as the leading choice for many drilling applications. The HyperLine motor features a power section that incorporates EverForce® and EverHeat® high-temperature elastomers. Together, these provide longer performance and higher reliability with their high-quality material bond and state-of-the-art centralization.

Weatherford motors combine the latest proprietary elastomer technology, design, and manufacturing to nearly double the operating torque and power output of standard motors.

These motors deliver maximum power output for optimal bit performance and well steerability. The high-capacity bearing section coupled with our patented high torque, E-Drive transmission increases power and torque driving the drill bit for increased rate of penetration (ROP) and control.

Weatherford directional-drilling motors combine reliability and power to help ensure that drilling conditions never stand in the way of reaching target depth and achieving more efficient drill times.

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