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With today’s increasing costs of onshore and offshore drilling projects, operators rely on drilling practices using advanced well planning, bottom-hole assembly (BHA) analysis, drilling-mechanics investigation, and pre- and post-well engineering studies.

A single software suite that addresses drilling engineering and analysis, before, during, and after drilling, can improve drilling efficiency, reduce nonproductive time (NPT), and increase drilling.

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Weatherford Spectrum suite is an integrated package of advanced engineering applications for all aspects of the drilling process.

Applications include drilling-optimization and well-engineering and analysis. STABView software improves drilling performance and supports a wide range of drilling and life-of-well planning activities. The state-of-the-art survey-management application provides a comprehensive set of integrated and stand-alone wellbore-positioning solutions that enable more accurate borehole positioning, even in challenging onshore and offshore environments.

The Spectrum suite of advanced engineering applications has been developed in-house and is based on best practices from years of global operation. Plus, it covers all major drilling engineering requirements in a single, integrated software package.

From well planning to drilling engineering and survey management, the Spectrum Suite package provides engineering solutions for daily drilling challenges. The Spectrum suite 5D well-planning application delivers extended visualization and integration capabilities that modernize the way directional-drilling problems are addressed.

The Weatherford integrated Spectrum suite of advanced drilling applications software keeps you informed, in control, on plan, and on target. From surface to total depth (TD), Spectrum suite provides a complete package to plan, collect, analyze, and optimize reliable data in challenging drilling environments.

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Spectrum Suites

Advanced drilling solutions

Spectrum Suites is a fully functional package of advanced engineering applications for all aspects of the drilling process. From well planning to drilling optimization to in-field referencing, the Spectrum Suites package provides engineering solutions to daily drilling challenges.

Drilling Engineering

Enhanced drilling performance in real time

The Spectrum Suites Comanche software package consists of a suite of real-time applications that deliver drilling-engineering solutions to the end user. Spectrum Suites service allows the subject-matter experts (SMEs) to work with real-time data for producing drilling-optimization reports for customers. With real-time data and post analysis on drilling optimization, Spectrum Suites Comanche consistently helps customers to improve drilling performance while also providing industry standards for transferring and storing drilling data for customers. Major benefits include MSE/differential pressure/drilling-efficiency display on the rig site to help drilling engineers better control drilling activities by constantly improving drilling performance. This is accomplished by providing real-time analysis and reprocessing drilling parameters as well as standardizing drilling data in WITSML format. This helps support efficient wellsite intelligence, office communication, and strong functional support for key drilling operations.

The Spectrum Suites Well Engineering & Analysis (WE&A) software supports a wide range of users in their daily well planning and design activities, which addresses the need for cross product-line and cross-function data management. The WE&A software solution provides the drilling engineer with software tools that supports:

  • Directional tendencies

  • On-time analysis

  • Advanced reporting

  • Stiff string

  • Centralized data storage

  • Expanded catalog

  • Enhanced data visualization package

  • Wellbore stability

  • K1 BHA import

Spectrum Suites STABView software is a comprehensive, desktop, life-of-well planning application. It features several robust geomechanical models designed to help predict and mitigate drilling and completion hazards that can adversely affect your bottom-line, including wellbore instability, sand production and lost circulation. The software is also used to optimize well-stimulation initiatives. A full complement of experienced geomechanics specialists supports STABView software. In addition to assisting and training users, they offer a number of related consulting services.

Well Planning

Multidisciplinary directional-drilling, well planning and survey management

Built on a new foundation of software capabilities that are advancing today’s directional-drilling capabilities, Spectrum Suites 5D provides directional well planning, survey management, and anti-collision applications. With extended visualization and integration capabilities, Spectrum Suites 5D modernizes the way directional-drilling problems are addressed. Well planning in 5D overcomes the limitations of the sequential plan-analyze-adjust approach by providing live anti-collision data while planning, thus enabling a multidisciplinary approach.

5D Applications

  • Live anti-collision planning

  • Advanced planning capabilities

  • Optimal re-planning

  • Anticipated survey programs

  • Multiple plan iterations

  • Well planning and survey management

  • Secure enterprise database

  • Anti-collision and uncertainty modelling

  • Enhanced field operations

  • Geodetics, magnetics and utilities

  • Reporting and plotting

  • Geological and drilling targets

Survey Management

Enhanced borehole positioning in challenging onshore and offshore environments

Spectrum Suites in-field referencing (IFR) service is able to improve the accuracy of borehole surveys (magnetic surveys) when compared to conventional methods by making precise measurements of Earth’s magnetic field around the oil field. Uncertainty in the strength and direction of Earth’s magnetic field is a major source of downhole measurement-while-drilling (MWD) survey errors.

Spectrum Suites state-of-the-art, survey-management services provide a comprehensive set of integrated and standalone wellbore positioning solutions that enable increased accuracy of borehole position, even in challenging onshore and offshore environments. Multi-station analysis (MSA) is a technique for identifying and potentially reducing the effects of bottomhole assembly (BHA) magnetic interference, improving the accuracy of downhole MWD surveys. The technique combines data from a number of survey stations and determines magnetic biases and scaling on the tool axes in order to ensure the survey data agrees with the expected background field values. MSA can be performed in real time with corrections performed in a real-time operating center (RTOC) or post-processed.

Spectrum Suites Surveyors Workbench software includes a sag-correction routine, which takes into account the BHA design and dimensions then determines how the BHA rests in the borehole. These industry-leading algorithms are capable of modeling the effects of curved wellbores, under gauge stabilizers, and motor-bend angles.