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As deviated and horizontal drilling has become the norm, so has the industry’s need for cost-effective, reliable measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems that can deliver accurate directional azimuth, inclination, and toolface data in all types of drilling environments.

MWD provides time-critical survey data and essential logging data to help direct the bit during horizontal, vertical, and deviated drilling. Without accurate and precise survey and gamma ray measurements in real time, drilling operations can be delayed or even stopped.

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The broad portfolio of Weatherford MWD systems delivers accurate directional surveys in routine to extreme drilling environments.

Weatherford MWD utilizes multiple telemetry systems to meet the needs of our clients. The Weatherford HyperPulse™ MWD system uses positive-pulse telemetry to deliver directional surveys, gamma ray data, annular-pressure readings, and temperature measurements. The EMpulse™ electromagnetic (EM) transmits bi-directional data by injecting electric current into the formation rather than modulating mud pulses. This reduces survey time and rig time by transmitting data during pumps-off events.



We provide MWD services globally for approximately 3,000 wells per year, with excellent mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) statistics and an enviable ability to handle high downhole vibration, lost-circulation materials (LCM) additives, flow rates, and high doglegs.

Combining the EMpulse MWD with CasingLink™ allows the operator to drill deeper (true-vertical depth) while still receiving the benefits of EM communications. To achieve such a feat, CasingLink uses the entire length of casing in the well or a nearby well to act as an extended antenna to the surface. This, in effect, boosts its signal from the downhole tool to surface, enabling measurements at deeper depths than previously achievable.

MWD trendline

As part of our host of MWD technology, we offer the TrendLineSM gyro-while-drilling service.

Our TrendLine service provides advanced collision avoidance and real-time knowledge of wellbore position, which helps enhance performance and safety in magnetic environments.

With Weatherford MWD services, it’s easier than ever to keep your wellbore on target with technology that helps avoid environmental hazards such as lost circulation, vibration, and more. This enhanced efficiency saves time, creates safer operations, and facilitates more effective drilling.

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Available MWD Technologies


EM MWD directional data, gamma ray and temperature data

The Weatherford HyperPulse MWD (measurement-while-drilling) system provides directional surveying, formation, and gamma ray and temperature measurements. This positive mud-pulse telemetry system is based on the proven reliability of the EMpulse™ electromagnetic (EM)-MWD system and includes modifications specifically for directional drilling with gamma ray services, which enables the operator to locate the target and gain access to the reservoir.


  • High-pressure/high-temperature wells where traditional mud pulse signal transmission may not be possible


Time-saving EM telemetry data

The Weatherford EMpulse EM-MWD system allows operators to drill and survey wells independent from rig hydraulics. With EM telemetry, rig pumps do not need to be cycled to receive a survey. Therefore, overall survey-cycle time is reduced for significant rig-time savings, especially on high rate‑of‑penetration (ROP) wells. The EM-MWD system transmission can save significant rig time due to faster survey times and fewer limitations on hydraulics, compared to mud-pulse MWD and steering tools. Once the connection is made, drilling resumes immediately as tools are readily available. The EMpulse system has no moving parts and is powered by EM long-life batteries instead of a mud-driven generator. The system broadcasts a wave along the drillstring to surface, where the signal is detected and data decoded by a surface transceiver. This method allows survey information to be transmitted regardless of drilling-fluid properties. The current generation EMpulse\-MWD system, when paired with certain configuration options, can transmit the following data in real time from downhole to surface:

  • Directional surveys

  • Compatible with all LWD and RSS sensors

  • Annulus pressure

  • Total gamma ray

  • Oriented gamma ray

  • Inclination closer to the bit

  • Inclination and gamma at bit


  • Areas of total or partial loss of circulation, as the EMpulse system is unaffected by drilling hydraulics fluid loss

  • Underbalanced drilling with two-phased flow drill-pipe injection, as the EMpulse system does not require a homogenous fluid column for data transmission

  • Data can be transmitted in foam, mist, air, and aerated mud


Advanced collision avoidance with real-time wellbore positioning data

The Weatherford TrendLine gyro-while-drilling service provides advanced collision avoidance and real-time knowledge of wellbore position, which enhances performance and safety in magnetic environments. Weatherford directional drilling services uses Gyro-Guide™ precision wellbore-placement technology in environments experiencing excessive bottomhole assembly (BHA) movement, commonly seen on floating structures and in riserless applications. Ultra-short, gyro-surveying time reduces rig time and potential stuck-pipe situations. Gyro-data technology provides continuous toolface data while drilling and full surveys when required.


  • High-temperature gyro 302ºF (150ºC)

  • Magnetic environments

  • Offshore and riserless applications with excessive BHA movement

  • Whipstock orientation and casing drillout

  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)


Enhanced EM signal strength and detection

The Weatherford CasingLink antenna service provides a dynamic surface-antenna option for use with EM telemetry, which significantly improves signal strength and detection. Weatherford EMpulse and HEL EMpulse EM-LWD services use EM telemetry that allows direct two-way communication and the capability to transmit data independently of wellbore hydraulics and rig configuration. The EMpulse CasingLink service employs a wireline antenna attached to the casing string, which reduces signal attenuation and further expands the application of EM technology into new formations and depths that were not previously achievable.


  • Well profiles that include resistive formation strata inhibiting EM transmission

  • Drilling permeable formations as it is unaffected by drilling fluid loss

  • Underbalanced drilling applications

  • Unconventional reservoirs previously off limits to EM environments

  • Single CasingLink antenna can be used to drill multiple pad wells


Economic sonde-based alternative for inclination data

The Weatherford IncSonde is a close-to-the-bit inclination measurement-while-drilling (MWD) module that offers a simple, economical, sonde-based alternative to more complicated at-bit measurement systems. The IncSonde module measures inclination closer to the bit than other MWD tools and measures inclination on-the-fly while sliding and rotating. The IncSonde module is compatible with the Weatherford EMpulse and HyperPulse MWD systems.


  • All drilling environments (mud, underbalanced, air)

  • Horizontal applications with a thin zone

  • Short-radius drilling

  • Increased geosteering accuracy


Real-time inclination and gamma ray measurements at the bit

The Weatherford ABM (at-bit measurement) system captures real-time, on-the-fly inclination and azimuthal gamma ray (GR) measurements inches from the bit. Unlike traditional motor telemetry systems, the ABM system—located below the motor—provides rapid data transfer between the sensors and the MWD tool via the hard-wired mud motor. When used together, the inclination and GR measurements enable faster decision making and precise geosteering, resulting in increased hydrocarbon recovery. The focused scintillation GR detector provides the industry-leading, below-the-motor azimuthal GR measurements. Up/down azimuthal GR data is available in real time; four-bin quadrant curves and a borehole image are available from recorded data. The ABM system has a standard pressure rating of 10,000 psi (68,948 kPa). Both tool sizes operate to 302°F (150°C) and are compatible with the Weatherford EMpulse MWD and HEL-LWD telemetry systems.


  • Geosteering in horizontal wellbores

  • Underbalanced drilling

  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)

Visean information service

Web-based, real-time logging-while-drilling data

Weatherford Visean information service delivers critical LWD wellsite data over the Internet in real time, which streamlines information flow and enables clients to more effectively leverage their highly skilled personnel. The service integrates a suite of powerful tools to support visualization, printing, export, and real-time reporting of all critical mud-logging and electronic-drilling-recorder data.

Geosteering Applications

  • Remote, real-time monitoring of LWD data

  • Support for mud-logging and drilling-recorder data

  • Management of drilling-project-related documents and reports