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To get the most out of your assets, you need to get creative with well plans that employ vertical, curve, and lateral sections to maximize reservoir exposure. Because rig time is a huge factor in drilling economics, particularly in offshore and unconventional fields, you also need to execute these multifaceted wellbores efficiently and produce a well that is stable and ready to complete. Economically meeting today's drilling challenges requires reliable, versatile technology.

The Weatherford Revolution® rotary-steerable system (RSS) provides industry-leading capabilities for diverse directional drilling applications, including high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) and high-dogleg wells. Our point-the-bit technology delivers clean, accurately placed, and completion-ready wellbores. With an autopilot function that maintains your drilling parameters, plus the ability to make real-time adjustments, you can confidently steer from vertical to horizontal in a single run.

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Reliably reach target depth with speed and control.

With a suite of technologies suited for different applications and hole sizes, the Revolution rotary-steerable system can enhance the efficiency of drilling operations in a variety of conditions. The precise point-the-bit design boosts rate of penetration (ROP) and creates a clean, in-gauge wellbore that is easy to complete.

The Revolution suite harnesses advanced technologies to improve performance in HTHP and high-dogleg applications.

The Revolution Heat features HTHP-optimized hydraulics for enhanced reliability in challenging fields, and the Revolution 16 can build curves at a rate of 16°/100 ft (30 m) to enable deeper kickoffs and greater reservoir exposure. For cost-sensitive operations, the Revolution SRT provides efficient directional drilling using an innovative technique to control bit speed through modulated mud flow.

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We developed the proprietary technologies integrated into the Revolution suite at our state-of-the-art facility in Tewkesbury, England.

The facility reproduces extreme environmental conditions including temperature, pressure, vibration, torque, and—uniquely—backward whirl. As a result of our research on backward whirl, the Revolution rotary-steerable system includes real-time whirl sensors. Other on-board technologies include the TVM™ 2+ sensor, featuring our award-winning angular-rate gyroscope, which measures high-speed downhole rotation and helps to determine the type and severity of torsional vibration phenomena.

Enhance efficiency, reliability, ROP, and hole quality with the Revolution suite of rotary-steerable drilling solutions.

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