Petroleum Consulting


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More data doesn’t necessarily translate into better decision-making. The key is gathering and analyzing the right data at the right time to inform the best possible decisions.

Weatherford petroleum consulting provides integrated formation evaluation and engineering expertise to operators around the world. 

Operating in over 30 countries and supported by nearly 350 geoscience and engineering experts with years of combined technical experience, Weatherford petroleum consulting is a leader in both conventional and unconventional plays.  

This unique combination of oil and gas technical expertise and breadth of global experience sets us apart in our industry.

With proprietary frameworks and extensive software knowledge, our consultants work to develop solutions tailored to your specific reservoir challenge—anywhere within the E&P lifecycle.

Weatherford petroleum consulting includes four distinct disciplines: Consulting services, interpretation and processing services, real-time data services, and well engineering project management. The collective value of these services is realized through integration and leveraging of our collaborative frameworks, proven to maximize reservoir performance.