Advanced Flow Detection System


Advanced Flow Detection  Influx detected

Wellbore pressure incidents related to kicks and fluid losses can lead to potentially dangerous well-control incidents and formation damage. If left unchecked, kicks and losses threaten the economics and operational viability of a well, and they pose serious risks to rig personnel and the environment. Alternatively, the misdiagnosis of a less hazardous event can lead to costly delays at the wellsite.

The Weatherford advanced flow detection system enables you to identify unique properties of wellbore events and thus accurately distinguish between a potentially hazardous kick and relatively harmless wellbore ballooning or breathing. The end result is enhanced safety and drilling efficiency at reduced costs.

Advanced Flow Detection Microflux Gen 3 Detection Manifold

Early detection is critical to mitigating the impact of kicks and losses.

Our advanced flow detection system identifies minute fluid influxes and losses early to minimize risk with a degree of precision that is unattainable using conventional detection equipment.

The system enables you to make drilling decisions based on actual data from real-time monitoring of wellbore parameters rather than on predicted downhole events. This visibility enables you to accurately distinguish between a potentially hazardous kick and relatively harmless wellbore ballooning or breathing. With this information, you can avoid a misdiagnosis that leads to unnecessary expenditures, determine whether a response is necessary, and tailor a response to a specific event.

The Microflux® advanced flow detection system consists of three primary components, including a rotating control device (RCD), manifold, and mass balance monitoring system.

The RCD directs fluid through the manifold, which is equipped with a mass flowmeter. The monitoring system, which is the brains, extracts and analyzes critical data from the rig circulation systems. Compatible with virually any rig type, the Microflux system can be equipped with drillng chokes that expand its range of capabilities to include kick/loss detection and control.

Advanced Flow Detection_Coriolis mass flowmeter

The advanced flow detection system can be used with our surface logging systems, such as the pit volume totalizer (PVT), which enables early kick detection even when the mud pumps are off. In addition, the GC-TRACER® surface gas-detector enables in-field extraction and detection of formation gas samples in real time, regardless of mud type, flow rate, gas solubility, or flowline temperature.

Using real-time monitoring of wellbore parameters, the Weatherford advanced flow detection system helps you stay ahead of kick/loss scenarios to minimize risk, improve drilling efficiency, and reduce costs.

Advanced Flow Detection Microflux fingerprinting capabilities