Downhole Deployment Valves


Downhole Deployment Valve DDV rig shot upview

In many critical applications, conventional tripping techniques expose personnel to more safety concerns and increase the potential for formation damage.

In challenging environments that may call for the application of underbalanced or managed pressure drilling (MPD) techniques, multiple trips are often required to reach total depth. Multiple bottomhole-assembly (BHA) trips may also be required when completing wells. A conventional approach to tripping uses snubbing methods, including killing the well or flowing the well while tripping. Both methods present challenges, such as safety, footprint, mobilization and setup, reduced tripping speeds, and increased personnel requirements.

The only technology of its kind in the industry, our downhole deployment valve (DDV®) system provides a no-snub, no-kill solution. The DDV system features a flapper-type seal mechanism that contains the reservoir fluids in the casing, which prevents pressure at the surface. This capability addresses two primary operator concerns—safety and formation damage—by avoiding the need to snub and kill the well for tripping during closed-loop drilling operations.

Downhole Deployment Valve underground view

The Weatherford DDV system is a downhole isolation valve that is easily integrated into a standard casing program and allows full-bore passage for the drill bit when the flapper is in the open position.

The DDV system enables you to run long, complex BHAs when mud motors, stabilizers, or complex profiles make it difficult to seal on the outside of the string.

When a trip is required, the BHA is positioned above the DDV system, which is then closed by the surface control unit. Pressure is bled off above the DDV system, and the well is monitored to confirm isolation. The BHA is tripped at conventional speeds without pressure at the surface.



Unique DDV technology provides an alternative to conventional tripping methods to enable faster, safer tripping while also providing an added measure of security in closed-loop and managed pressure drilling.

Weatherford DDV technology couples cutting-edge design with in-depth knowledge. A superior alternative to conventional tripping methods, the DDV system enables faster, safer tripping while minimizing formation damage.

Downhole Deployment Valve DDV system