Managed Pressure Drilling


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Extreme drilling environments are becoming the norm. With ever-increasing geological uncertainty and complexity, E&P operators are encountering issues that drive up costs, nonproductive time, and risks. 

Drilling wells in complex environments with century-old technology is difficult at best and unsafe at worst. From drilling through narrow pore-pressure/fracture-pressure gradient windows to mitigating kicks and differential sticking, managed pressure drilling (MPD) succeeds when conventional techniques are likely to fail.

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MPD entails the use of specialized equipment to control wellbore pressure profiles more precisely than is possible with conventional drilling methods.

A major component of MPD systems, rotating control devices (RCDs) create a closed and pressurized system, which gives you ultra-precise control over fluids flowing into and out of the well. MPD systems introduce better monitoring and response capabilities so you can more accurately detect and manage downhole anomalies to prevent the risk of catastrophic well-control incidents.

MPD not only enables safer drilling of challenging wells, but also enables more efficient drilling. Our MPD services can help you successfully navigate tight drilling windows and mitigate drilling hazards to maximize the productivity of your wells.

As the global leader in MPD technology and services, we can deliver MPD solutions tailored to address the needs of your wellbore pressure profile.

Weatherford boasts the most expansive and field-proven MPD portfolio in the world, including the largest selection of RCDs in the industry and our state-of-the-art Microflux® control system. With superior operational engineering competencies and field experience, our global team of MPD specialists can help you reach total depth on time and on budget.

Leverage Weatherford MPD technology and experience to help you maximize control of your wellbore pressure profile.

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