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Fluctuations in wellbore pressures present drilling hazards that can result in lost circulation, gas kicks, and differential sticking. In some instances, kick or loss events can cause setbacks that double or even triple rig time or escalate to devastating well-control incidents. Costly delays and high risk exposure dictate the need for advanced technology and drilling methods to improve the viability of challenging wells that often cause conventional methods to fail.  

The Weatherford Microflux® managed pressure drilling system enables real-time detection and control of minute downhole influxes and losses in gallons rather than barrels. Scalable to address a range of pressure-related challenges in nearly any operational environment, the system can minimize the risk of catastrophic well-control incidents, enhance drilling efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Unlike conventional drilling in which the fluid return is open to the atmosphere, the Microflux control system uses a rotating control device (RCD) to keep the well closed, and the fluid flows through an automated drilling choke manifold.

The system enables you to measure return flow using a flowmeter installed in line with the chokes and to detect either a fluid gain or loss very early, which minimizes gaining or losing volumes.

Real-time monitoring of wellbore parameters enables faster, better drilling decisions based on actual data rather than predictions. Using the auto-control feature, the Microflux system can automatically apply corrective actions to ensure or restore mass balance, provide faster response times, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

Nearly half of all drilling hazards are related to wellbore pressure problems.

With our industry-leading Microflux technology and MPD services, we can help you precisely manage wellbore pressure and overcome the substantial drilling-related barriers that have inhibited the use of conventional drilling practices for years. In applications ranging from routine to advanced, the system has been successfully used on major projects throughout the world to minimize risk of drilling hazards related to wellbore pressure profiles and, ultimately, to optimize life-of-well performance.

The Microflux control system enables accurate detection and effective management of minute fluid influxes or losses to minimize risk, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs.

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