Rotating Control Devices


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When facing the risks associated with kicks, shallow gas, and other downhole uncertainties, you need rotating control devices (RCDs) that create a closed-loop drilling environment.

RCDs create a pressure-tight barrier in the wellbore annulus that enables safe fluid containment and diversion, a vital defense against drilling hazards. As a critical element of managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems, RCDs provide an additional line of defense to protect your personnel and your assets.

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Weatherford is the premier global provider of RCDs.

Our vast selection of field-proven RCDs includes the SafeShield® series for onshore applications and the SeaShield® series for offshore environments.

RCDs are part of a broad range of Secure Drilling® products and services that we offer to mitigate drilling hazards related to wellbore pressure profiles and, ultimately, to optimize life-of-well performance.


Drawing on more than 40 years of experience, Weatherford has developed and deployed a broad range of RCDs for virtually any onshore or offshore drilling application.

Building on that success, Weatherford developed high-performance RCDs for offshore drilling that can be positioned above or below the tension ring. With our field-proven RCDs, we can help protect your assets. 

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Our RCD offerings provide solutions for nearly any environment—from conventional onshore drillsites to deepwater applications.

In 2010, we were the first to receive the API 16RCD certification with our Model 7875 below-tension-ring (BTR) RCD—a technological advancement that enabled MPD in deepwater applications. Since then, we have successfully deployed the technology in many deepwater projects worldwide.

Our most recent design development is a bearing assembly with a slim OD that more easily extends RCD compatibility, and thus MPD compatibility, across nearly all riser system configurations. Integrating the enhanced BTR slim RCD into new-build and retrofitted deepwater rigs can achieve new levels of MPD readiness and significantly improve the implementation period for this technique.


Weatherford RCDs provide the critical barrier that protects your personnel, time, ROI, and the environment by safely managing fluid pressure in onshore and offshore projects.

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