SteadyState Continuous Flow System


Continuous Flow System  CFS tool

In challenging operating conditions, such as deep water and extended-reach drilling, a large percentage of drilling hazards related to wellbore pressure occur when mud pumps are cycled off and on during connections. The cycling of pumps causes pressure fluctuations and downhole pressure spikes that can result in expensive downtime, safety issues, and the inability to drill a well in extreme environments.

The Weatherford SteadyState continuous flow system (CFS) improves drilling performance and safety by maintaining constant circulation of drilling fluid to the wellbore while adding or removing drillpipe stands.

Continuous Flow System CFS Sub

By maintaining steady circulation of drilling fluids during connections, the SteadyState CFS mitigates fluctuations in equivalent circulating density (ECD) and downhole pressure spikes to ensure constant bottomhole pressure (CBHP).

This enables operators to establish a precise balance between the pore-pressure and fracture-pressure gradients. The modular system design and functionality of the CFS and its small rig-floor footprint make system integration with other rig technologies easy.

SteadyState CFS heightens drilling efficiency and enhances safety. 

Automated flow diversion capabilities redirect drilling fluid from the standpipe to the side port of the sub without flow interruptions, which enables rig personnel to manage operations remotely. Personnel are necessary only to attach and remove the clamp assembly when none of the equipment is pressurized.

The on-and-off cycling of pumps fatigues the formation as the pressure oscillates between the wellbore and the formation.

By maintaining the circulation of drilling fluids, SteadyState CFS reduces the risk of reservoir and formation damage that can jeopardize wellbore stability.

The Weatherford SteadyState CFS gives operators greater wellbore control through continuous circulation of drilling fluids to reduce nonproductive time and safety issues, even in challenging drilling conditions.

Continuous Flow System ECD graph