Underbalanced Drilling


Underbalanced Drilling UBD-STX-Project

Conventional drilling techniques do not suffice in many wells when ROP optimization, well productivity, and formation damage are concerns. This can be especially true in mature fields and horizontal drilling applications.

During underbalanced drilling (UBD), the pressure within the wellbore is kept lower than the pressure of fluid in the formation. The resulting inflow of fluid from the reservoir can be controlled during the entire drilling process to eliminate near-wellbore damage. By preventing formation damage, UBD increases well productivity and recovery. UBD also reduces drilling problems, such as differential sticking, drilling fluid losses, and low ROP. 

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Weatherford underbalanced drilling services help you to economically and safely enhance the productivity of your assets by improving drilling and reservoir performance.

Our UBD services include reservoir analysis techniques, fluid systems, well engineering personnel, and one of the largest fleets of surface and downhole UBD equipment in the industry. Using our real-time reservoir characterization, we can help you understand the permeability and pressure profile along the wellbore.

Weatherford is a recognized pioneer and leader in underbalanced drilling.

We combine superior technology systems and support to help you meet well objectives, whether the goal is to safely drill faster, reduce nonproductive time, or enhance well productivity and reservoir recovery. 

Weatherford UBD services can help you reduce formation damage, discover bypassed pay zones, and increase reserves to boost the value of your assets.

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