Surface Logging Systems


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Difficulty characterizing your reservoir—the inability to quickly and accurately identify pay zones and fluid types—can lead to costly misinterpretation.

Difficulty balancing wellbore pressure—a kick or fluid loss—can compromise the safety of personnel and the integrity of the well while also significantly increasing nonproductive time (NPT).

Drilling challenges are greater in high-temperature/high-pressure (HTHP) wells because the volume of a HTHP gas kick can multiply a hundred-fold before it reaches the surface and reservoir characterization using petrophysical logs can be significantly constrained by temperatures, pressures and lithology. Detailed cuttings analysis, advanced gas detection, and reservoir evaluation services reduce the guesswork inherent in drilling and completing oil and gas wells, while drilling optimization and hazard mitigation services can minimize unexpected events and wellsite risk.

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Weatherford surface logging systems offerings include advanced gas evaluation, drilling instrumentation, mud-logging services, and wellsite consultants.

Together, they can provide a clear picture of what you need to create a well that maximizes production and reduces risk. Through our team of mud-logging and wellsite consulting professionals and the technology developed by our in-house R&D experts, you get peace-of-mind that your drilling operations are properly optimized.

Our global workforce of well-trained and experienced field staff assimilates, analyzes, and interprets data from a myriad of sources before drilling. We then assess hazard potential during drilling to reassess risk ahead of the bit to help avert well-control incidents, which optimally characterizes the reservoir and reduces costs.

Each year, geopressure problems cost the E&P industry billions of dollars.

Weatherford GeoPressure consulting (GPC) services leverage the experience of leading consultants along with advanced analysis and prediction techniques to optimize drilling and minimize NPT and wellsite risk. By assimilating, analyzing, and interpreting mass volumes of data, our consultants provide a real-time overview of the current formation situation. They also enable well teams to look ahead at pressure regimes hundreds of meters below the bit.

Our advanced gas measurements cover hydrocarbon-gas composition and isotopic concentrations.

Our dynamic interactive deliverables provide a real-time window into the subsurface, leading to improved time-critical decision making, increased productivity, and reduced costs. Our early-kick detection systems help ensure you reach your targets safely, on time, and on budget.

With surface logging systems from Weatherford, you get well monitoring that helps ensure optimal hazard mitigation along with experienced personnel and technology to help you reduce reservoir uncertainty and NPT.