Drilling-Management Systems


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The measurement, calculation, display, and recording, of drilling activities are critical for managing oil and gas rig operations successfully and economically. Real-time monitoring of critical parameters using advanced instrumentation systems reduces decision-making time and improves decisions, which helps reduce risk and improve operations.   

Drilling-management systems help operators capture important information on their drilling rigs and then deliver the processed information around the wellsite. The information is then transmitted remotely to secure real-time data centers where current operations and drilling-and-geology reports can be accessed by the operator. The systems can also be expanded to include automated drilling systems, mud volume, flow and gas monitoring, drilling optimization, daily reporting, and personnel tracking.  

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Weatherford drilling-instrumentation and management systems use proven technology and reliable sensors to deliver quality data, both onsite and remotely. Our comprehensive, full-featured DrillWise™ electronic drilling recorder (EDR) and high-performance Navigator automatic driller, used with our WellWizard™ integrated-data system (IDS), help ensure smooth rig management. Additional sensors enable enhanced-flow monitoring, vibration analysis, and standalone gas-in-mud and ambient gas detection. Our RigReports Web application, which provides analytical tools to compare drilling operations data from rig-to-rig and well-to-well networks, completes the product line.

Weatherford drilling instrumentation and management systems include the full WellWizard IDS software.

WellWizard IDS can incorporate all third-party data at the wellsite and produce fully customizable plots, displays, and logs in one package. The high-performance Weatherford Navigator® electronic automatic driller―with multiple control modes for weight, differential, ROP, and time―delivers machine-consistent drilling that improves ROP rates, reduces downhole problems, and extends bit, motor, and MWD life.

Weatherford surface-logging systems teams are experts in rigsite data-collection and delivery. Our competency systems help ensure we deliver consistently high-quality data to our clients.