Mud-Logging Services



Examining rock cuttings to characterize lithology and monitoring hydrocarbon composition to estimate fluid type provide the information required to understand and characterize the reservoir, optimize drilling, and mitigate hazards. 

Mud logging is an interpretive science involving the detailed analysis of the rock cuttings and hydrocarbons carried to the surface by the drilling fluid. This valuable information helps the wellsite team and stakeholders determine the presence of oil and gas, reduce reservoir uncertainty, mitigate hazards, and optimize drilling efficiency.

Mud Logging Services_Worker looking in microsope

Weatherford mud-logging services provide enhanced formation data so you can make better decisions.

Our substantial investment in R&D and steadfast dedication to safety and competency helps ensure a reliable and repeatable level of operational excellence. This commitment to technological innovation forms the foundation of our industry-leading well monitoring, interpretation, and insight. With our industry-wide presence that spans the world, we also have reliable access to outstanding local talent and services.

Our custom-built, mud-logging units can accommodate additional services and save valuable real estate at the rigsite. The Weatherford promise of quality and reliability ensures each that mud-logging unit meets or exceeds local regulations and certification criteria.

Our comprehensive selection of gas-detection technologies―including total gas, chromatography, and mass spectrometry―provide industry-leading mud-gas characterization.

Drilling fluid influx or loss is a hazard that can lead to an uncontrolled situation, increased nonproductive time (NPT), potential personnel accidents, and damage to environment. The fast and reliable Weatherford early-kick detection system (EKDS) improves well safety, reduces NPT, identifies unexpected events, and lowers environmental risk.

Our drilling-optimization package, hole-stability monitoring, and advanced pore pressure enhance mud-logging services.

Weatherford mud-logging units perform like a data center at your rigsite. All surface data can be aggregated and delivered using various communication platforms and protocols.