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Accurate well test data is required to make critical reservoir-management decisions while effective slickline and intervention services can enhance well life and flow behavior. Precise well testing and production services can maximize reservoir potential while minimizing cost and environmental impact.

With more than 30 years of experience, Weatherford is one of the largest testing and production service providers in the world. We offer comprehensive well testing and intervention services for both onshore and offshore wells, at any stage of reservoir development.

Through industry-leading expertise and technology, Weatherford optimizes the performance of producing assets by accurately designing and executing well tests, and effectively managing and servicing assets in accordance with environmental regulations.

Our offerings include exploration, appraisal and production well testing, flowback management, drill stem testing, well cleanup, heavy-duty wireline fishing, and slickline services. We operate with the highest-quality health, safety, security, and environmental (QHSSE) standards.

In addition to customizing and executing testing and intervention programs, we serve the oil and gas industry by offering global training programs conducted by distinguished subject-matter experts.

We cultivate and share our expertise through a series of case-study-driven courses that teach technicians and third-party specialists how to design effective well tests and how to interpret testing and production data. Courses cover diverse topics and range from introductory to advanced levels.

With a global presence and an experienced, highly trained workforce, we can deploy quickly anywhere in the world and will ensure that your well testing and production services are done accurately and in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

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