Drill Stem Testing Services


Drill Stem Testing Services_Kurdistan

Once an exploration well has been drilled, the only way to test its commercial viability is a physical flow test. 

Drill stem testing (DST) is a guide for the next phase of a well. Fluid properties and reservoir characteristics determine whether enough hydrocarbons exist to commercially produce the well and, if so, guide decisions on well-completion and production-facility design. 

Our DST tools form a temporary completion string that safely flows reservoir fluids to the surface while providing efficient downhole control.

Weatherford technicians provide an analysis of reservoir characteristics such as reservoir boundaries, fluid type, permeability, porosity, skin factor, flowing and static reservoir pressures and temperatures. 

We manufacture our DST tools to withstand extreme and unknown downhole conditions, including sour and HPHT environments.

Through use of durable quartz gauges and heavy-duty retrievable packers, our tools provide accurate data in oil or gas wells, even with unknown flow rates, pressures, and temperatures.

We offer complete drill stem testing services from design to safe and efficient execution to analysis. Our services are also fully integrated with our other testing and production services, including surface well testing and slickline services.

Drill Stem Testing Services